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Professional Associates

Criteria, eligibility and current associates:


Normally candidates will be a Registered Nurse active within the nursing profession and hold a Bachelor of Nursing degree or higher and will have a combination of clinical practice and experience that allows them to contribute to teaching within the School of Nursing.

Terms of appointment and reappointment:

Professional Associates will be involved in teaching responsibilities within the School of Nursing as indicated:

Teaching responsibilities may include:

Lecture in one or more undergraduate or graduate courses;Facilitate professional development for faculty leadership;Facilitate clinical experiences for faculty and students;Serve as a member on a supervisory committee of a graduate student in nursing;Co-facilitate a module in interdisciplinary professional education;

Appointments will be for a specific period not to exceed three years and are renewable.

This document is aligned with the current criteria for Adjunct Professors and Professional Associate with Memorial University of Newfoundland

Professional Associates:

  1. Barron, Kelly, RN, MN, NP, Memorial
  2. Broom, Barbara, B.Sc., BN, Memorial, MN, Dalhousie
  3. Bruneau, Jill, BN, Memorial, MHS., ACNPC, Toronto
  4. Chard, Todd, RN, BN, MN, Memorial, NP, RNFA, CPN
  5. Coffey-Hickey, Tamara, RN, MN, Memorial
  6. Compton, Glenda, RN, BN, MN, Memorial
  7. Coombs, Ursula Eileen, BN, MN, CHPCN(C) Memorial
  8. Downey, Charlene, BN, MN, CON(C) Memorial
  9. Duke, Valda, BN, Memorial, MN, Toronto, Dip. PHCNP, Centre for Nursing Studies
  10. Emberley-Burke, Wanda, BN, M.Ed., Memorial, Dip. PHCNP, Centre for Nursing Studies
  11. Forward, Debbie, BN, M.Ed., Memorial
  12. Fry, Peggy, BN, MN, Memorial
  13. Gillam, Susan, BN, MSA University of Notre Dame, MN Memorial, Ph.D., McGill
  14. Greene, Marcy, BN, Dalhousie, M.Sc., Edinburgh, Cert. ACNP, Toronto
  15. Hunt-Smith, Heather, BN, MN, Memorial
  16. King-Jesso, Pamela, RN, BN, MN, Memorial
  17. McIsaac, Beverley, RN, NP, MN (ANP) Athabasca
  18. Neville, Kelly, B.Sc.N., Maine, MN, Memorial
  19. Norman-Robbins, Linda, BN, M.Sc.N., McGill
  20. O’Leary, Bernadine, RN, M.N, Memorial, CON(C)
  21. Pack, Glenda, B.Sc.N., Ottawa, MN, Memorial
  22. Pike, Rodolfo, RN, BN, Memorial , MN, Memorial , NP Toronto
  23. Power, Lynn, BN, MN, Memorial
  24. Power-Kean, Kelly, BN, Memorial, M.H.S. (Leadership), Ottawa, Dip PHCNP CNS
  25. Power, Missy, RN, BN, MPH, Memorial
  26. Roberts, Gale, RN, BN, Memorial, CPON
  27. Rose, Joanne
  28. BN, Memorial, MBA, California Coast University
  29. Sheppard, Peggy, BN, RN, MN, Memorial
  30. Simms, Joanne, BN, Memorial, MN Dalhousie, Cert. ACNP, Toronto
  31. Templeton, Janet, RN, BN, MN, Memorial
  32. Warren, Elaine, RN, BN, MN, Memorial, Fellow, CHRSF