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Gaudine, A., B.Sc. Mount Allison, M.Sc. (A) McGill, PhD ConcordiaAlice Gaudine
Tel: 709-777-6972

Research: Nursing leadership; nurse's ethical conflicts; employee absenteeism; transfer of training; emotion.



LeFort S., BA Trent, M.N. Memorial, PhD McGillDr. Sandra LeFort
Tel: 709-777-2232

Research: Self-care/self-management of chronic pain; pain assessment and management; knowledge exchange and translation; advanced practice nursing roles; ethical practice issues; telehomecare; evaluation.

MacDonald, S., BN, MN Memorial, PhD Walden

Winner of the President's Award for Distinguished Teaching 2011
Tel: 709-777-6753

Research: Community health needs and resources assessment; program evaluation; critical care nursing; nursing management, leadership qualities and styles.

Moralejo, D., BA, B.Sc., M.Sc.(A) McGill, PhD CalgaryDonna M
Tel: 709-777-7493

Research: Infection control, surveillance; population/public health; evidence-based practice.

Dr. Shirley SolbergSolberg, Shirley, PhD, Dalhousie University

Tel: 709-777-8083

Research: Self-care/self-management of chronic pain; pain assessment and management; knowledge exchange and translation; advanced practice nursing roles; ethical practice issues; telehomecare; evaluation.




Way, C., BN, BA Memorial, M.Sc(A) McGill, PhD Virginia; Winner of President's Award for Distinguished Teaching 1999
Tel: 709-777-6872

Research: End-stage renal disease and life on dialysis; impact of healthcare reforms on provider groups; evaluation of programs for women at risk during pregnancy; chronic illnesses.

 Associate Professors

Beck, D., BN, M.Sc., PhD Memorial
Tel: 418-841-0465

Research: Perceived levels and sources of stress in university professional schools, particularly nursing schools; the effect of personality disorder in clients suffering depression; use of the socialization scale in identification of individuals with personality disorders.

Best, D., BN Memorial, MN Dalhousie, Cert. A.C.N.P. Toronto
Tel: 709-777-7103

Research: Nursing research development; nutrition; cardiovascular disease and risk factors; adolescence smoking; community assessments; student academic progress.

Dawe, D., BN, M.Sc. (Community Medicine, Memorial)Doreen Dawe
Tel: 709-777-6869

Research: Nursing in long term care; women's health care needs; spiritual care; elder abuse; mental health. More information...


Kearney, A., BN Memorial, M.H.Sc. Toronto, PhD Memorial
Tel:(709) 777-6754

Research: Anne’s current research includes breast screening effectiveness particularly related to mammography screening, nurses’ performance of non-nursing duties, assessment of a new nursing skill mix model, job satisfaction of nurses, and impact of a long term care institutional relocation on staff. She is part of a large team that is establishing aSPOR Network in Primary and Integrated Health Care.


Meadus, R., BN, B. Voc.Ed. Memorial, M.Sc.(N). Toronto, PhD, Barry
Tel: 709-777-6716

Research: Families and mental health; coping with mental health issues; men in nursing; children living with mentally-ill parents; adolescents with mood disorders.

Parsons, K., BN, MN Memorial, PhD RushKaren Parsons
Tel: 709-777-6528

Research: Gerontology, Alzheimer's disease/memory loss; Heideggarian hermeneutic phenomenology, family caregiving for older adults.

Sandra SmallSmall, S., BN Memorial, M.Sc.N. Toronto, PhD Alberta
Tel: 709-777-6973

Respiratory health, including aspects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; asthma and youth smoking; parenting children about risk factors.

Webber, K., B.Sc.N. British Columbia, M.N. DalhousieKaren Webber
Tel: 709-777-2506

Westera, D., BN, M.Ed. Memorial, M.Sc.N. Toronto
Tel: 709-777-7259

Research: Community health nursing; spirituality and health; adolescent issues. More information...

 Assistant Professors


Brennan-Hunter, A., BSc.N. St. Francis Xavier, MN Dalhousie
Tel: 709-777-6679

Research: Pain in children; parental advocacy; intervention strategies for helping children manage procedures; adolescent smoking; student progress in nursing.

Bursey, M., BN, Memorial, M.Sc.(N). TorontoMary Bursey
Tel: 709-777-8309

Research: Gerontology; cardiovascular nursing.


Lynn CoozeCooze, L., BN, MN Memorial
Tel: 709-777-7059

Research: Dog visitation programs for pediatric patients; the benefits of the human-animal bond and interprofessional education and patient safety. More information...

Daly, M., BN, MN Memorial
Tel: 709-777-8921

Research: Stroke rehabilitation in the younger population from a nursing perspective; bridging the gap between current research and nursing practice; relational ethics - the use of this ethical approach for nurses dealing with families experiencing chronic illness with a child.

Karen Dobbin-Williams


Dobbin-Williams, K., BN, MN Memorial, PhD Candidate
Tel: 709-777-6756

Research: Food allergies and anaphylaxis, Gadamerian philosophical hermeneutics, Heideggerian hermeneutic phenomenology, maternal theory, teenagers, surgical site infection risk factors in vascular, colorectal, and cardiac bypass graft surgery, and related ethics.

Khraim, Dr. F., M.Sc., PhD BuffaloDr. Fadi Khraim
Tel: 709-777-7258


Research: Cardiovascular disease, health care seeking behavior, and quantitative research methods.


Manuel, A., BN, MN, PhD, Memorial
Tel: 709-777-6319

Research: Genetics, sociocultural theories of risk, community health, cardiovascular disease, organ procurement, qualitative research methods, grounded theory, phenomenology.



Joy MaddiganMaddigan, J., PhD Calgary, MN, BN Memorial

Tel: 709-777-7039


Research: Psychiatric mental health nursing; early psychosis intervention; families and health; advancing nursing practice and mixed methods research.



Moody, J., BN, MN MemorialJudy Moody
Tel: 709-777-8685

Research: Learning disabilities (children and adults); people with disabilities and the barriers that keep them from locating employment; health promotion and literacy issues.

Murray, C., BN, MN Memorial, PhD AlbertaCindy Murray
Tel: 709-777-8311

Research: Community and population health; health promotion and chronic disease prevention; determinants of health; health policy; health inequities; Indigenous peoples and health; healthy child development; women's health; body weight and health; fetal programming of chronic diseases; quantitative, qualitative, and interdisciplinary research.

Porr. C., BScN McMaster , MN Calgary, PhD Alberta
Tel: 709-777-7098

Research: The process by which public health nurses establish therapeutic rapport with vulnerable and potentially stigmatized clients. More info...


Twomey, C., BN, MN Memorial, PhD
Tel: 709-777-6903

Research: Psychosocial adaptation to chronic illness; quality of life; psychometrics; clinical epidemiology and community health; community health needs and resources; men in nursing.


Snow, Nicole., BN, MN, PhD (c), RN, CPMHN(C)Nicole Snow


Research: Exploring the dimensions of professional engagement in a variety of contexts. Of primary interest are: mental health care settings; ethical considerations inherent in professional care; the concept of professionalism and its praxis; and interprofessional education and practice.




Brown, C.
Tel: 709-777-6938




Collett, K.
Tel: 709-777-6797

Crane, Ashley
Tel: 709-777-7068



Crossman, R.
Tel: 709-777-6882



Dwyer, M.
Tel: 709-777-6546

Fagan, R.
Tel: 709-777-7335

Kelly, P.
Tel: 709-777-7900

Kille-Marino, J.
Tel: 709-777-7008

Lewis-Power, N.
Tel: 709-777-6691

Ludlow, Anita
Tel: 709-777-2251

Maddalena, D.
Tel: 709-777-7006

Vivian-Book, L.
Tel: 709-777-7128

Per Course Appointment

Dale, Sheilagh
Tel: 709-777-2144

Granter, A.
Tel: 709-777-2174

Kennedy, Michele
Tel: 709-777-2144

King, Krista
Tel: 709-777-2144

Mullett, Karen
Tel: 709-777-2144

Power, Judy
Tel: 709-777-6766

Young, Rhonda
Tel: 709-777-2174

Clinical Coordinator

Morgan, Claudine
Tel: 709-777-6530


 Honorary Doctorate Degree


Matthews, M.K., BN, MN, LLD Memorial