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Adjunct Professors

ECriteria and eligibility:

Candidates for adjunct professor will normally hold a doctoral degree in nursing or a related discipline or a combination of graduate education and experience that allows them to contribute to research and teaching within the School of Nursing.

Terms of appointment and reappointment:

Adjunct Professors will be involved in teaching and research responsibilities within the School of Nursing as indicated:

Teaching responsibilities may include:

Presentation at the Faculty and Graduate Student Research Seminar;Lecture in one or more undergraduate or graduate courses;Contribute to the development of undergraduate and/or graduate courses;Participate in curriculum development within the School of Nursing;Serve as member or co-supervisor on the supervisory committee of a graduate student in nursing;Co-facilitate a module in interdisciplinary professional education;Co-author a report, journal article, or other publication related to teaching or education written by a faculty member in the School of Nursing;Participate as a Examiner for a Master's Nursing student thesis;

Research responsibilities may include:

Participate as a principal or co-investigator on a research project with a faculty member within the School of Nursing;Contribute to gaining access to research participants;Participate in data analysis;Co-author a research report, journal article, or other publication written by a faculty member in the School of Nursing;

Appointments will be for a specific period not to exceed three years and are renewable.

This document is aligned with the current criteria for Adjunct Professors and Professional Associate with Memorial University of Newfoundland (Retrieved from

Approved at MUN School of Nursing Academic Council on November 25, 2011

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Ersser, S., B.Sc.(Hons) London South Bank University, Ph.D. King's College

Gien, L., Sc.N. Loretta Heights College, M.Ed.N. Columbia, PhD, London

Hardill, I., B.A. University College of Swansea, B.A. Wales, Ph.D. University of New Castle Upon Tyne

Lamb, M., B.Sc. Ottawa, M.N. Alberta, Ph.D. Toronto