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Admission requirements

The degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD) is offered in nursing in areas reflective of the strength and expertise of current faculty members in the School of Nursing. All candidates will be required to attend as full-time students during the first six semesters (two academic years) of the program.

The following regulations must be read in conjunction with the general regulations of the School of Graduate Studies.

Qualifications for Admission:

  1. Admission to the program is limited and competitive.  

  2. To be considered for admission an applicant must normally hold a master of nursing degree or equivalent from a recognized university and have a strong academic record.

  3. Applicants must have completed graduate level statistics either in a separate statistics course or as part of comprehensive research methods course.

  4. Applicants must have qualitative and quantitative research methods at the graduate level.

  5. Applicants must hold an active practicing license from the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland or must be currently registered as a practicing nurse in another Canadian jurisdiction. Applicants from other countries who do not meet the above criteria will be assessed on an individual basis and must submit proof of registration as a practicing nurse (or an equivalency) from their country or jurisdiction.

  6. Applicants must submit a letter of confirmation from a faculty member who has agreed to be their supervisor. They must also submit a five-page tentative research proposal that includes detail about a research problem and methods to address it. A brief summary about how their research focus is compatible with expertise that exists within the school's faculty profiled on this site is also necessary. A current and full CV, and a sample of writing (published article or paper) are also required.