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Conceptual Model

Memorial University of Newfoundland School of Nursing MN-NP Option and Post Master's NP Graduate Diploma

Conceptual Model

The conceptual model for the option, adapted from Hamric, Spross and Hanson (2010), combines core competencies required for advanced practice nursing within the graduate nursing education process. The core competencies are framed under the following roles: teaching and coaching, consultation and collaboration, research, leadership and professional role, and ethical decision-making (see Appendix A for the roles and competencies). These core competencies are superimposed on the three levels of education: core advanced practice content courses (N6010, N6011, N6020, N6100, N6210, and N6200) core nurse practitioner content courses (N6701, 6703, 6704,and N6705) and core specialty content courses (N6800 or N6802 and N690X). (See Appendix B for course numbers and brief course descriptions). The central competency of direct clinical practice drives the process and is key to both education and practice (see Figure 1)

Figure 1. Conceptual Model for MN-NP Option.