Completed Master's Theses

List of Completed Masters of Nursing Theses and Practicums


  Year of Graduation Thesis Title/Practicum Area of Speciality
Charles Blair 1985 Effect of Nursing Therapeutic Millieu on Self Care Behaviors of Nursing Home Residents.
Joy Maddigan 1986 Relationships Between Health Value, Health Focus of Control and Adolescent Lifestyle Behaviors:Relevance for the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse.
Mineko Yamashita 1986 Ethnography: Primary Nursing - An Investigation of One Type of Patient Patient Care Modality.
Kathryn Hustins 1987 Psychological Distress and Social Support Support in Bereavement: A Nursing Investigation of Middle Aged Newfoundland Widows.
Kay Matthews 1987 The Effects of Maternal Labour Analgesia on Infant Breastfeeding In the First Four Days after Birth.
Edna McKim 1988 The Support Needs of Mothers of High Risk Premature Infants.
Karen Olsen 1988 Information Sharing: A Nursing Strategy to Facilitate Informed Prenatal Decision-Making in Infant Feeding.
Gulrose Jiwani 1989 Self-Esteem, Family Perception, and Therapy Preferences of Depressed Individuals: An Exploratory Study.
Lorna Bennett 1989 The Lived Experience of Witnessing Marital Violence in Adolescent Girls: A Phenomenological Study.
Sandra LeFort 1989 Pain and Disability in Low Back Injured Individuals Participating in a Physical Fitness Program.
Janet Murphy-Goodridge 1989 Maternal Perception of Postpartal Nursing Support for Breastfeeding Offered During Hospitalization.
Elizabeth O'Driscoll 1989 Maternal Responses to Infant Crying During the First Postpartum Month.
Catherine Thibeault 1989 An Investigation of the Occupational Health Status of Psychiatric Nursing Nurses Working in an Isolated Setting.
Marion Crowley 1990 Parents' Perceptions of the Influence of Genetic Counseling and Reproductive Decision-Making Following the Birth of A Child with Neural Tube Defect.
Heather Hawkins 1990 Concerns of Primiparous Mothers During the First Forty-eight to, Seventy-two Hours Following Hospital Discharge and the Availability of Support Systems.
Catherine Royle 1990 The Psychosocial Development of Adolescent Siblings of Children with Spina Bifida.
Judy Power 1990 Social Support and Community Functioning of Clients with Schizophrenia: A Nursing Investigation.
Betty Lundrigan 1991 Information Seeking of Pregnant Women: A Grounded Theory Approach.
Sandra Pike 1991 Assessing the Impact of a Specially Designed Cardiovascular Health Education Program for Adolescents.
Deborah Salyzyn 1991 A Nursing Investigation of the Coping Responses of a Sample of Battered Women who have Entered a Transition House in Nova Scotia.
Janice Brown 1991 The Paternal Experience of Parenting a Child who has Down Syndrome.
Bette Davis 1993 An Investigation of the Educational Preparation of Nurses Prior to Working in Land-based Multiplace Hyperbaric Chambers in Canada.
Mary Basha 1993 A Study to Examine the Effects of the Postpartum Parent Support Program (PPSP) on a Group of Primiparous Mothers at Four to Six Weeks Postpartum.
Colleen Kelly 1993 A Nursing Investigation of Factors Identified by Newfoundland Women that may influence Screening for Cancer of the Cervix.
Kathryn Lono 1993 An Investigation of the Relationships Among Meaning, Psychological Well-Being and Caregiver Burden.
Anita Ludlow 1993 Self-Efficacy, Self-Care and Glycemic Control in Individuals with noninsulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.
Marian MacKinnon 1993 Towards Meeting the Health Care Needs of the Chinese Elderly; Meaning and, Potential Consequences Associated with Care Receiving for The Chinese Elderly.
Margaret Nowe 1993 Concerns of Mothers of Preterm LBW Infants During the First Week of the Infants' Hospital Discharge.
Pamela Baker 1994 Illness Meanings and Perceptions of Control and Uncertainty in Women with Breast Cancer.
Karen Parsons 1994 The Experience of Caregiving for a Family Member with Alzheimer's Disease: A Male Perspective.
Gola Roberts 1994 Postpartum Adaptation-First Time Mother's Experiences.
Judy Chubbs 1994 An Evaluation of Two Patient Classification Classification Systems as the Determinants of a Staffing Pattern for Medical Patients.
Velma Jacobs 1995 Informational Needs of Post-Surgical Patients Following Discharge.
Yvonne Jacobs 1995 Factors Influencing the Use of Physical Restraints on Elderly Patients in Acute Care Settings in St. John's, Newfoundland.
Glenda Fagner 1995 The Process of Precepting Nursing Students: Balancing Responsibilities and Relationships.
Patricia Harkins 1995 Immediate Post Discharge Concerns and Coping of Benign Posthysterectomy Patients.
Regina Coady 1995 Factors Influencing Medication Taking Behaviours of a Sample of Newfoundland Elderly with Hypertension.
Ann Manning 1995 Preventing and Managing Illness in Child Care Settings: A Program Evaluation.
Barbara Adams 1996 Information Needs, Informational Support and Psychosocial Adjustment in Persons with Head and Neck Cancer.
Shirley Paquette 1996 Women's lived Experience of Natural Menopause.
Faith Sellars 1996 Health Promoting Behaviours Following Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery: Influencing Factors.
Sharon Smith 1996 A Study of Patient Falls in a Long Term Care Institution Before and After the Implementation of a Fall Prevention Program.
Creina Twomey 1996 The Impact of AIDS Education on Seventh and Eighth Grade Adolescents' Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs about AIDS.
Robyn Beaudry 1996 Women's Lived Experience with Midwifery Support: A Phenomenological Study.
Ann Marie Carroll 1996 Primiparous Mothers' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of the Postpartum Parent Support Program (PPSP) at the Second to Fourth Postpartum Weeks.
Brenda Tobin 1996 Getting Back to Normal: Women's Recovery After a Myocardial Infarction:A Grounded Theory Study.
Wanda Wadman 1997 Staff Nurses’ Attitudes and Perceptions toward Nursing Research.
Patricia Grainger 1997 Perceptions of Health, Social Support, and Health-Promoting Behaviors of Angioplasty Patients.
Elizabeth Hynes 1997 Learning Needs and Perceived Self-Efficacy of Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain.
Marilyn Sturge-Jacobs 1997 The Experience of Living with Fibromyalgia for Women in Newfoundland: A Phenomenological Study.
Lisa Keeping 1997 Living with Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD).
Lorraine King-Murphy 1997 The Lived Experience of Anorexia Nervosa: A Phenomenological Study.
Sylvia Warren 1998 Factors Associated with the Cessation of Exclusive Breastfeeding among a Select Group of Newfoundland Mothers.
Elizabeth Spracklin 1998 Caregivers’ Perception of Health, Burden, Social Support, and Care Receiver Problems.
Donna Pyne 1999 Nurses’ Perceptions of the Impact of Health Care Reform and Job Satisfaction.
Violet Ruelokke 1999 Nurses’ Perceptions of their Empowerment to be Patient Advocates.
Marion Yetman 1999 Becoming a Mother in the NICU: A Grounded Theory Study.
Jeanette Andrews 2000 A Phenomenological Study: The Experience and Meaning of Being Pregnant and on Social Assistance.
Dorothy Andrews 2000 Appraisal of Clinical Teaching Behaviours by Diploma Nursing Students and Their Clinical Instructors: A Comparative Study.
Mary Ellen Dominie 2000 Nurses’ Experiences with Pain Management: A Grounded Theory Study.
Michelle Earle-Crane 2000 The Quality of Prenatal Care: Experience of Women Attending Healthy Baby Clubs.
L. Katherine Stevens 2000 Comparison of Perinatal Health Prior to and After the Northern Cod Fishery Closure in Selected Newfoundland Communities.
Susan Gillam 2000 Social Pressures and Resistance to Cigarette Smoking: A Phenomenolgoical Study.
Cindy Murray 2000 Unemployment and the Mental Health of Newfoundland Women Affected by Fishery Closure.
Alice Noftall 2000 The Experience of Men whose Partners are Hospitalized for High-Risk Pregnancies: A Phenomenological Study.
Sheila Parsons 2000 Mothers’ Experience in Living with a Child with Encopresis: A Phenomenological Study.
Sandra Carter 2001 Alcohol Consumption Patterns and Employment Status During a Period Of Economic Uncertainty.
B. Jill Cole 2001 Practicum: The Development Of a Cardiac-Surgery Volunteer Visiting Program.
Barbara Earles 2001 Practicum: Evaluation of the Centralized Psychiatric Emergency Program Pilot Project.
Barbara Elliott 2001 Practicum: The Implementation And Evaluation of the Wise Choices: Adolescents and Nutrition Program.
Lynn Power 2001 Practicum: Development of a Wound Management Program for the Health Care Corporation of St. John’s.
Peggy Torraville 2001 Adolescent Suicidal Behaviours: A Phenomenological Study of Mothers’ Experiences.
Kathy Watkins 2001 The Meaning of Perinatal Loss for Women in Newfoundland: A Phenomenological Study.
Sheilagh Dale 2001 The Lived Experience of Bulimia Nervosa: A Phenomenological Study.
Jeannie Stuckless 2001 The Relationship between Attitude and Participation in Physical Activity among Older Women.
Sue Ann Anstey 2002 The Relocation of Elderly From Community to Long-Term Care: A Grounded Theory Study.
Norma Baker 2002 Health Care Restructuring In Acute Care Settings: Implications for Employee Attitudes.
Judy Davis 2002 Implications of Acute Care Restructuring for Managerial Personnel.
Glenys Deering 2002 Practicum: A Review of Visitation Practices in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Janeway Health Centre.
Kelly Moore 2002 Practicum: Solution Focused Brief Therapy used as a Counseling Approach with University Students.
Annette Morgan 2002 Practicum: Development of an Action Plan to Increase the Scope And Practice of Nursing Staff Within the St. John’s Nursing Home Board.
Natalie Morgan 2002 The Impact of Health Care Reform on Community Health Nurses’ Attitudes.
Nani Nurhaeni 2002 Assessment of the Feasibility of Modifying Risk Factors for Acute Respiratory Infection in Children under Five Year of Age in West Java, Indonesia.
Wiwin Wiarsih 2002 Empowerment as a Way to Improve Nutrition in Pregnancy.
Colleen Anderson 2002 Parents Attitudes Toward Pain Medication, Parents’ Perception Of Children’s Pain and Parent’s.
Yati Afiyanti 2002 The Experience of being a First-time Mother in Rural Indonesia: A Phenomenological Study.
Pam King Jesso 2002 Practicum: The Development of a Discharge Planning Resource Manual For the Health Care Corporation of St. John’s.
Shannon Muir 2002 Factors Influencing the Maternal use of Oral Rehydration Solution in the Home Treatment of Childhood Diarrhea in West Java, Indonesia.
Barb Turner 2002 Practicum: Developing a Learning Needs Assessment Tool for Palliative Care Providers in NF & LB.
Marilyn White 2002 A Correlational Study Examining the Relationships Among Maternal Breastfeeding Self-Satisfaction with Breastfeeding Experience and Duration.
Susan Froude 2003 Practicum: Knowledge of Post-Partum Depression.
Heather Taylor 2003 Taking Care of Yourself: A Grounded Theory Study About How Young Women Make a Decision About Having a Papanicolau Test.
Geraldine Cashin 2003 The Lived Experience of Fathers who have Children with asthma: A Phenomenological Study.
U. Eileen Coombs 2003 Understanding the Experience of Spousal Caregiving for Survivors of a Stroke: A Phenomenological Study
Vicki Earle 2003 Nurses' Experience Caring for Clients with Dementia: A Phenomenological Study.
Judith Moody 2003 Mothers' Experience of a Child with a Learning Disability. A Phenomenological Study
Sigit Mulyono 2003 Health Risk Behaviour Survey of School Age Children in Two Indonesian Villages.
Marguerite (Peggy) O'Brien Connors 2003 Individuals Experience with End Stage Renal Disease and Hemodialysis Treatment.
Bernadine O'Leary 2003 Practicum: Program Development - A Sun Awareness Program for Health and Community Services, St. John's Region.
N. Suzette Spurrell-Porter 2003 Tracking Immunization Delivery in the Community.
Jocelyn Watson 2003 Practicum: Needs Assessment of the Cochrane Data Base - Do Health Care Providers use Evidence to Guide the Care of the Elderly?.
Lorraine Brake 2004 Practicum: Development of Assessment and Evaluation Tools for an Asthma Education Workshop.
Catherine Burke 2004 Factors Influencing Uncertainty and Health Status Outcomes in Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery Patients.
Gillian Duff 2004 Practicum: A Wound Infection Prevalence Survey to Identify and Address Educational Needs of Community Health Nursing.
Denise English 2004 The Experiences of Mothers Caring for Ventilator-Dependent Children: A Phenomenological Study.
Euna Ferguson 2004 Family Caregivers'Adjustment after Nursing Home Admission of a Relative.
Catherine Hicks-Stratton 2004 The Experience of Food Bank Usage Among Women: A Phenomenological Study.
Carolyn Hynes 2004 Practicum: Telework Policy for Employees of the Canada Pension Plan Disability Office.
Ann Lilly 2004 The Lived Experience of Type 1 Diabetes in Adulthood: A Phenomenological Study.
April Manuel 2004 "Creating a Sense of Peace": A Phenomenological Study of the Experience of a Family Member Consenting to Donate a Deceased Relative's Organs.
Glenda Pack 2004 Practicum: Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Assisting the Learning Needs of Community Health Nurses to Provide Care for Postoperative Cardiac Surgery Patients.
Judith Wells 2004 Individuals' Perceptions of End Stage Renal Disease and Hemodialysis and its Association with Adjustment and Health-Related Quality of Life. A Longitudinal Study.
Lynn Cooze 2005 Practicum: Development of a Proposal for a Dog Visitation Program for the Janeway Child Health and Rehabilitation Centre.
Peggy Fry 2005 Practicum: Cardiac Health in Rural Women Age 40 Years and Older: A Health Promotion Program.
Valerie Ludlow 2005 Practicum: The Development of an Instructor's Manual & Student's Handbook for the Orientation of Hemodialysis Nurses.
Beth Mayo 2005 Practicum: The Development and Implementation of a Preadmission Surgical Care Program for the Peninsulas Health Care Corporation.
June Pollett 2005 Practicum: The Development of Self-Directed Learning Modules on Bereavement Care for Acute Care Nurses.
Nicole Snow 2005 Perceived Health Needs of Single Mothers Attending University in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Focus Group Study.
Anna Marie Alteen 2005 Practicum: The Lived Experience of Nurse Abuse: A Phenomenological Study.
Allan Anstey 2006 Practicum: Delivering Education to Triage Nurses: Ordering Lower Extremity X-Rays in Emergency.
Alexia Barnable 2006 Practicum: Having a Sibling with Schizophrenia: A Phenomenological Study.
Shelley Bauer 2006 Practicum: A Safer Ride: The Effect of a Workshop on Child Passenger Safety on Awareness, Knowledge and Self-Efficacy.
Jodi Brennan 2006 Practicum: Concept Mapping in Clinical Nursing Education: The Development and Pilot Implementation of an instructional Program.
Christine Castagne 2006 Practicum: Development and Implementation of the Smart Choices Healthy Eating Program.

Glenda Cunning

2006 Practicum: Implementation and Evaluation of the G2G Program: A Physical Activity Program for Adolescent Females.
Daniel Currie 2006 Practicum: Changing From a Functional to a Primary Nursing Care Delivery Mode.
Rita Graves 2006 Practicum: Bed Occupancy in Two Inpatient Hospices in Ontario.
Charlene Jarvis 2006 Practicum: Development of a Teaching Learning Manual for Nursing Staff to Help Residents and Their Families with Transition To Long-Term Care.
Kimberly Jarvis 2006 Practicum: Addressing Work-Related Musculosketetal Disorders in the Crab Processing Industry.
Lynn Loveys Kane 2006 Practicum: A Systematic Approach To Developing an Evaluation of the Nurse-Led Janeway Telephone Advice Line.
Heather MacDonald 2006 Practicum: "Vision of Legacy." Cornea Donation: An Approach to Optimizing end of Life Care for the Palliative Patient and Their Families.
Glenda Manning 2006 Practicum: An Organ and Tissue Donation Education Manual for Community Health Nurses in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador.
Shirley Matchim 2006 Practicum: Development and Implementation of a Survey to Assess the Skills and Learning Needs of Licensed Practical Nurses within Newfoundland and Labrador.
Sharifah Mohidin 2006 A Phenomenological Study: The Lived Experience of Women with Breast Cancer who are Receiving Adjuvant Therapy.
Tina Skinner 2006 Practicum: Assessing the Educational Needs of Community Health Nurses Caring for Clients with Chronic Non-Cancer Pain.
Janet Squires 2006 Does the Use of Policies and Procedures Promote Evidence-Based Nursing Practice?
Karen Street 2006 Practicum: Development of a Preceptorship Program for Licensed Practical Nurses Completing the Post Basic Medication Administration course at the Centre for Nursing Studies.
Melissa Thomson 2006 Practicum: Development of a Manual For Mentoring Newly Hired Nurses.
Kimberly Warford 2006 Practicum: The Tidal Model as a Framework for Counselling University Students.
Susan White 2006 Practicum: Development and Implementation of an Education Program on Parent-Child Attachment.
Joanne Chafe 2006 Practicum: Counseling University Students: Experiences using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques in Conjunction with Roy's Adaptation Model.
Tracy Christianson 2006 Practicum: Assessing the Quality of Care in a Regional Integrated Viral Hepatitis Clinic in British Columbia: A cross-sectional study.
Tamara Coffey 2006 Practicum: The Development of a Constant Care Resource Manual For Nurses.
Jill Cumby 2006 Women's Experience of Treatment for Depression: A Phenomenological Study.
Kerry Lynn Durnford 2006 Practicum: Early Pregnancy Loss: A Needs Assessment of Families' Experiences and Nurses Who Care.
Barbara Pizzingrilli 2006 Practicum: Reducing the Risk: A Geriatric Psychiatry Staff Education Program.
Lorelei Stanley-Newton 2006 An Examination of Factors Related to Burnout among Mental Health Nurses.
Carina Barrie 2007 Practicum: Development and Implementation of a Smoking Cessation Program on a Medical Cardiology Unit.
Andrea Barron 2007 Work-Related Musculosketetal Disorder and the Crab Processing Industry: An Analysis of Gender Differences.
Mary Beresford 2007 Practicum: The Development and Implementation Of a Project that Introduces an Advanced Nursing Practice Position within Western Regional Integrated Health Authority.
Lisa Bower 2007 Home Care Nurses' Appraisals and Coping Strategies in a Critical Incident.
Carla Dyke 2007 Practicum: A Review of Parent Education Materials in Neonatal Intensive Care Units Across Canada.
Karen Hemeon 2007 Alcohol Consumption During and After the Atlantic Groundfish Strategy in a Newfoundland and Labrador Community Affected by the Cod Moratorium.
Heather Hunt-Smith 2007 A Study of a Maternal Child Hospital Ethics Committee.
Janice March 2007 Practicum: Development of a Telephone-Based Mother-to-Mother Breastfeeding Support Program for New Breastfeeding Mother in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Denise Miller 2007 Practicum: The Development of a Float Manual and Pocket Guide for Non-Cardiac Nurses Floating to Work on a Cardiac Impatient Unit.
Mary Nisbet 2007 Practicum: Nurses' Ethical Conflict with their Organization: A Quantitative Study of Outcomes For Nurses.
Lynn Reid 2007 Practicum: Closing the Gap: The Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Education Program for Outpatients Awaiting Cardiac Catherization at the New Brunswick Heart Centre.
Peggy Sheppard 2007 Practicum: Ethical Conflicts and Hospital Ethics Committees: A Nursing Perspective.
Elaine Warren 2007 Practicum: Ethics in Acute Care Practice: A Clinical Ethics Committee.
Lori Whalen 2007 Practicum: Development of Self-Directed Learning Modules on Developmental Care.
Linda Hamelin 2007 Practicum: An Education Program for Women who Experience Therapy-Induced Menopause following A Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant.
Lou-Ann Kelly 2007 Examining Changes in Caregiving During and After the Atlantic Groundfish Strategy in a Select Newfoundland Coastal Community Affected by The Cod Moratorium.
Angela Luciani 2007 Practicum: Feasible Continuing Competency Assessment Strategies for the North.
Kelli Spearns 2007 Practicum: The Development of Self-Directed Learning Perinatal Bereavement Modules and Resource Manual on Perinatal Bereavement Care for Maternal Newborn Nurses.
Judith Bailey 2008 Practicum: Evaluation of a Virtual Clinical Excursion by First Year Baccalaureate Nursing Students: The Impact of Virtual Clinical Excursion on Knowledge Transfer in Relation to Critical Thinking Skills and Psychomotor Skills.
Janice Clarke 2008 Practicum: Development of Self-Learning Modules on Nursing Care of the Patient with a Stroke from a Rehabilitative Perspective.
Jennette Coates 2008 Practicum: Evaluation of Infection Prevention and Control Orientation Programs: "Do They Provide Information to Help HCW's Meet the Core Competencies?"
Joan Downey 2008 Practicum: The Development of a Fall Risk Manual for Acute Care.
Erin Glynn 2008 Women Living with Psoriasis: A Phenomenological Study.
Connie Gregory 2008 Practicum: The Relationship Between Nurses' Absenteeism as Measured by Self-Reports and Organizational Records.
David MacDonald 2008 Practicum: Completion and Pilot Testing of a Defibrillation and Cardioversion Self-Learning Module.
Catherine McDonald 2008 Practicum: Enhancing the Role of a Chief Nursing Officer.
Deborah Squires 2008 Practicum: Development of a Questionnaire to Assess the Learning Needs of Community Health Nurses to Provide Palliative Care to Clients in the Home.
Janet Templeton 2008 Practicum: The Development and Implementation of a Program to Promote Patient Safety in Eastern Health.
Deborah Brennick 2008 Practicum: Health Assessment Learning Project For Registered Nurses.
Tracy-Lee Faulkner 2008 Young Adults Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Phenomenological Study.
Cynthia Kettle 2008 Practicum: The Donation Request and the Health Care Professional: A Critical Care Staff Education Program.
Willena Nemeth 2008 Practicum: An Intravenous Insertion Educational Program for Baccalaureate Nursing Students.
Dobbin-Williams Karen 2009 Thesis: Surgical Site Infection in Vascular Exploration of Risk Factors and Nursing Interventions.
Fraser S. Helen 2009 Practicum: Development of a Faculty-Student Mentoring Program for the Mi'kmaq Nursing Students.
Oldford Brenda 2009 Practicum: Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Computer Assisted Instruction Modules to Teach Fundamental Psychomotor Nursing Skills.

Ozua Maria

2009 Practicum: The Development of Performance Checklists Assessing Healthcare Workers' Knowledge and Skills on the Use of Personal Protective Equipment in Acute Care Settings.
Pike Rodolfo 2009 Practicum: Filling the Gap: An Informational Needs Assessment of Individuals with Familial Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cariomyopathy.
Smith-Young Joanne 2009 Thesis: Constant Negotiating: Working with Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs).
Tracey-Michelin Heather 2009 Practicum: The Development of a Client Abuse Prevention Program for the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Alyward Mark 2009 Practicum: Nurse Recruitment and Retention in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador Communities: The Experiences of Healthcare Managers.
Cawley Christine 2009 Practicum: Focusing on Patient Safety: Revision and Communication of the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador's Duty to Report.
Donnelly Louise 2009 Practicum: Are We Cutting It? Assessing the Learning Needs of Surgical Nurses on a Complex Surgical Ward in a Pediatric Hospital.
LeDrew Holly 2009 Thesis: Psychometric Testing of a Scale Designed to Monitor the Psychosocial and Behavioral Impact of Genetic Testing for Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer.
Pelley Joanne 2009 Practicum: The Development of an Orientation Manual for Public Health Nurses on Population Health.
Rudderham B. Erin 2009 Practicum: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Assessing the Learning Needs of Public Health Nurses.
Strudwick Lori 2009 Practicum: HPV Vaccination Programming Throughout Canada: Recommendations for the Yukon.
Whalen-Brake Daphne 2009

Practicum: The Development and Pilot Implementation and Evaluation of an e-Learning Module on the Eastern Health Privacy/Confidentially Policy.

Bartlett Angela 2010

Practicum: The Development of an Educational Curriculum for an Out-Patient Heart Failure Clinic.

Hooper Stephanie 2010

Practicum: Developing a Self-Directed Nursing Resource for Lung Cancer.

Kennedy Elizabeth 2010

Practicum: A Program to Enhance the Nurse's Role in Discharge Planning and Handover Report.

Rauman Peggy 2010

Practicum: A Safety Awareness Program (ASAP): Enhancing Nurses' Awareness of their Professional Rights and Responsibilities. Challenging the Current Culture of Safety in the Profession of Nursing.

Stagg Glenda 2010

Practicum: Development of a Toolkit for Public Health Nurses to Educate Youth about HPV, Cervical Cancer and the HPV Vaccine.

Whelan Amanda 2010

Practicum: Developing an MRSA Resource Manual for Nurses.

Fiander Jacqueline 2010

Thesis: Experience of Individuals Living with Hereditary Non-Polyposis Colorectal Cancer (HNPCC) in Families with Exon 8 Deletion Mutations: A Modified Grounded Theory Study.

Kellett Peter 2010

Thesis: The Contextual Performance of Masculinity and Caring by Men Nurses: An Exploration of Men's Caring within a Profession Numerically Dominated by Women.

Chard Todd 2011

NP Option: Clinical Speciality: Urology

Crummey Debra Beth


Practicum: The Implementation and Evaluation Of a Breastfeeding Program for Maternal Newborn Nurses of Western Health.

Drake Patrice 2011

Practicum: Listening to Those Who Know: An Evaluation of an Accelerated Nursing Program at the University of Prince Edward Island School of Nursing.

Driscoll Keri 2011

Practicum: Developing a Facilitator's Toolkit For a Preceptor Preparation Workshop.

Gardner Glen 2011

Practicum: The Development of Education Modules for Intensive Care Nurses Caring for Post-Cardiac Arrest Patients Receiving Therapeutic Hypothermia.

Haight Katherine 2011

Practicum: Developing a Clinical Teaching and Learning Resource for Novice Nurse Educators.

Jones Natalie 2011

Thesis: Interaction with Health Professionals and change in Canadian Adolescents' Social Support Perceptions from the Prenatal to the Postnatal Period.

Kettle Cynthia 2011

Post-Master's Nurse Practitioner Graduate Diploma. Clinical Speciality: Cardiovascular Surgery.

Lamswood Jennifer 2011

Practicum: Simulation in Nursing Education: The Utilization of Standardized Patients In an Undergraduate Mental Health Course. 

O'Grady Rosemary 2011

Practicum: Development of a Cancer Pain Program at McGill University Health Care Centre.

Parrill Cindy 2011

Practicum: Mild Cognitive Impairment: An Education Program for Older Adults Experiencing Mild Memory Problems.

Power Michele 2011

Practicum: Nurses' Perceptions of Continuing Competency Program.

Quigley Jenille 2011

Practicum: Enhancing the Nurses Experience: A Resource Manual for Effective Orientation.

Simmons Andrea 2011

NP Option: Clinical Speciality: Cardiovascular Surgery.

Slade Kara 2011

NP Option: Clinical Speciality: General Surgery.

Stanley-Young Donna 2011

Practicum: An Orientation and Resource Guide For Preceptors of Nursing Students.

Stone Colleen 2011

Practicum: Development of a Workplace Violence Program in an Intensive Care Unit: A Practicum Project.

Becker Catherine


Practicum: The Development of Self-directed Learning Modules for Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurses: Nursing Care of Patients with Acute Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury.

Elliott Janine 


Practicum: The Ethical Concerns Related to Feeding in Long Term Care. 

Flemming Jennifer


Practicum: The Development of a Self-Learning Module for New Nurses: Healing Broken Wounds. 

Organ Katherine


Practicum: Assessing the Impact of Services For Clients with End Stage Renal Disease at a Satellite Hemodialysis Unit in Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Sarrazin Erin


Practicum: Evaluation and Creation of Supports for Internationally Educated Nurses: A Policy Recommendation 

Tremblett Shelley 


Practicum: Development and Planning of an Orientation Package for Rural Newfoundland Emergency Departments.

Whitehorne Karen


Thesis: The Lived Experience of ICU for Persons Who Have Experienced Delirium: A Phenomenological Study. 

Frankland Renay


Practicum: Integrating Patient Simulation Into An Undergraduate Nursing Program.

Neumeier Melanie 


Practicum: Moving the Discussion Online: A Pilot Project to Evaluate Asychronous Online Discussion As a Format for Clinical Post-Conference. 

Cooper Megan 


Practicum: Developing a Resource Manual for The Care of the Bariatric Resident in Long Term Care. 

Dunlop Melanie 


Practicum: Palliative Care in Nova Scotia's Communities. 

Fisher Janet 


Practicum: Exploring Nurses' Perceptions of Barriers and Facilitators for Managing their Own Diabetes in the Workplace: A Pilot Study. 

Hurley Jennifer 


Practicum: The Development of a Critical Care Resource Manual for Nursing Students. 

Maloney Wendy


Practicum: The Role of a Peer Review in Nursing: A Review of the Literature and Guidelines for use in Community Health Nursing Practice.

Ricketson Danielle 


Practicum: Speech Therapy Needs and the Provision of Service for Post Stroke Aphasia Patients in the Niagara Region. 

Rideout Krista 


Practicum: Self-Care Management for Patients Living with Plaque Psoriasis.

Stockley Pam


Practicum: Cleft Lip and Palate: A Learning Guide Manual Development for Health Care Professionals. 

Sutton Kristelle 


Practicum: Nurses New to Acute Stroke Nursing Care: A Program to Enhance Nursing, Nursing Knowledge, Assessments, Interventions and Self-Efficacy. 

Burt-Peckford Susan 


Practicum: A Practicum Project that Introduces An Advanced Nursing Practice Position within Western Regional Integrated Health Authority. 

Crane Ashley 


Thesis: A Qualitative Exploration of Orientation: Perceptions of Novice Nurses. 

Newton Rebecca


Practicum: Self-Management Support: A Guide For Healthcare Professionals. 

Sharma Jyoti 


Thesis: Obesity, Eating Patterns, and Physical Activity of Adolescents: A Comparison of Two Rural Communities in Newfoundland. 

Sparkes Carolyn 


Practicum: Development of a Clinical Progression E-Portfolio as a Modality for Student Self-Assessment and Faculty Evaluation In an Undergraduate Nursing Program. 

Tavenor June 


Thesis: Preceptoring New Graduate Nurses In Emergency Care: The Lived Experience of the Preceptors.