Applicants to the MN program are advised that revisions have been proposed to the MN practicum, MN Nurse Practitioner, and Post MN Nurse Practitioner Graduate Diploma Options.

These changes include one additional course in the practicum option, and changes to courses in the other options. The website will be updated with the revised program information in mid Winter 2016 once final approvals have been obtained. The changes will be in effect for students who begin their studies in September 2016.


Leah and April

Eligibility criteria for MN program (Practicum and Nurse Practitioner options):

You must be:

  • a graduate of a baccalaureate program in nursing from a recognized university
  • have a minimum of a B standing (admission is competitive)
  • hold a license to practice nursing in your province or jurisdiction and have a minimum of one year's experience in nursing practice (2 years for Nurse Practitioner option)
  • have completed an undergraduate statistics course within the last five years and achieved a minimum B average
  • have completed an undergraduate nursing research course and achieved a minimum B average

Applicants must hold a practising licence from the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador or must be currently registered as a practising nurse in another Canadian jurisdiction.

Applicants from other countries who do not meet the above criteria will be assessed on an individual basis. However, they must submit proof of registration as a practising nurse (or an equivalency) from their country or jurisdiction. You would need to provide proof of employment as well as how long you have been practicing.

If the medium of instruction of your previous degree was exclusively English, you will not be required to submit the results of an English Language Proficiency Test.

 If this is the case and your transcript does not state that the language of instruction was exclusively English, an official letter from the Registrar’s Office of your University can be provided. This letter must explicitly state the degree awarded and that the medium of instruction was exclusively English. If it was not exclusively English, then scores from one of the English Language Proficiency tests as outlined in Section 3.1.5, will be required.

1. An applicant who did not complete a Bachelor's degree at a recognized university where English is the primary language of instruction must normally complete either the:

a. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and achieve a paper-based score of 580 (or higher), computer-based score of 237 (or higher), or Internet based score of 92-93 (or higher); or

b. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and achieve a score of 7 (or higher).

Information regarding the TOEFL is available from the Educational Testing Service at IELTS information is available at It is noted that other equivalent tests acceptable to the School of Graduate Studies will also be considered.

Application process:

The deadline for our Fall 2016 applications is February 15, 2016. Our program is done entirely by distance (web delivery), so you do not come on site. You need to fill out a standard university application to to become a graduate student by going to on the School of Graduate Studies website.

You will also need to fill out an application to School of Nursing graduate programs at

General information about all graduate programs, including tuition and fees, application deadlines and process, and admission requirements, is available on the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) website.