Volume 1, No. 1, September, 2001

CAUSN Accreditation:

The faculty was delighted to obtain a 7-year accreditation of the BN (Collaborative) and (Post-RN) Programs from the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing.  In awarding the highest level achievable the Board of Accreditation stated "the overall impression of the program is that you and your partners have made progress over time in developing a partnership of equals and a truly collaborative program" and further "We commend you for the continued attention to ensuring consistency of teaching and evaluation across the three sites.

ARNNL Approval:

The Council of the ARNNL on Sept. 21st, 2001 ratified the recommendation made by the ARNNL Approval Committee,

Schools of Nursing that the BN (Collaborative) Program be granted a 7-year approval.  Dianne Calvert-Simms, ARNNL President says that "the 7-year approval rating is the highest level achievable in this province and is an assurance to the public that the schools of nursing are preparing students who are able to practice as safe, competent and ethical registered nurses".  Calvert-Simms says, "ARNNL congratulates the schools of nursing for offering such a high quality program, one whose graduates are articulate and passionate, and who display leadership qualities."

Over the past couple of years the faculty have been very busy making changes to our programs to better reflect the health system nurses work in and to prepare nurses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels to fit that system.

BN (Post-RN) Program

The BN (Post-RN) Program is now offered totally through web-based delivery. Nurses anywhere in the world can access the courses.  Faculty have found that the web-based format provides more support for nurses’ learning.  Materials to support the courses are on-line no longer requiring the postal services to meet scheduling deadlines.  Nurses can forward their completed assignments on line and evaluate the courses.  If you haven’t had a chance you are encouraged to view the web-site for this program at Admission to the program is now provided three times in a year to better accommodate nurses.  The course requirements for the degree have also been decreased to make the MUN program now one of the lowest course credit requirements in the country!

Prior Learning Assessment Program: A further new approach to support the experiential learning of nurses is the develop of our PLA Program.  Now when nurses begin the program our student advisor works with the nurse to identify potential courses for which she/he may have sufficient learning to meet the course objectives.  Nurses can choose to challenge courses or to develop a portfolio to demonstrate the learning achieved from their practice experience.

Masters Program: A non-thesis option was introduced in September 2000 to offer nurses an alternative to our thesis requirement.  This is facilitating an increased enrolment in the program.  The courses are both exciting and timely including: Nursing Informatics, Philosophical and Theoretical foundations of Nursing, Concepts for Population-based Nursing, Nursing Individuals & Families through LIfe Transition, Education in Nursing, Leadership in Nursing, Policy and Politics in nursing and Health Care to name a few.  The School of Continuing Studies has also committed resources to assist faculty in introducing the MN program by distance delivery to meet the growing number of nurses wishing to pursue graduate studies but who are unable to leave their homes or cannot undertake on-site full-time studies.  We now have four courses offered through the web.  By 2003 we plan to have all the courses in the MN program available on the web.  Nurses will still be required to participate in one intersession course on-site but all others can be completed on-line.  We have received numerous inquiries following recent advertisements about this program.

Development of MN-NP Program: Faculty from nursing, medicine, and pharmacy have joined in developing courses for a new masters program -- Master of Nursing, Nurse Practitioner -- Specialty.  This program will meet the immediate needs of the Health Care Corporation of St. John’s and offer a further advanced nursing practice option for graduate students.  It is hoped that this MN option will commence in September 2002.

Interdisciplinary Masters in Health Systems Managemernt: The School of Nursing has taken the lead to work across a number of disciplines to develop a professional degree program for individuals interested in health management positions.  The need for this program has been voiced by both the Department of Health & Community Services and the Newfoundland & Labrador Health Boards Association.  Both have provided representatives to the planning committee.  It is planned to begin offering this program in September 2002.

BN (Fast-Track) Program: The faculty across the three collaborating sites are currently reviewing a proposal for a fast-track program designed for those individuals who already have an undergraduate degree and want to pursue the nursing program.  This program will be 2-years in length and very intensive.  There will be 32 seats assigned to this program with 8 allocated to Western Regional School of Nursing.  The other seats will be at MUNSON.  We are awaiting approval of funding for this program from the provincial government.

LRC Project: This project has been funded through the University’s Strategic Initiatives Fund.  It is being developed to provide both nursing students and nurses in practice with on-line access to evidence-based knowledge related to skills required to provide care to patients/clients.  The project uses a transformation learning philosophy facilitating learners to determine their needs for challenge and for support during each learning/review segment.   During 1999/00 the initial model developed by nursing graduate students has been operationalized and funding in the next year will facilitate the development and testing of prototype modules.  In partnership with the School of Continuing Education we were successful in obtaining a grant of $98,000 from CANARIE (Industry Canada) to deliver a set of modules through networks to rural and urban practice settings.  Implementation of this project will occur during 2002.  The full project will need more funding to complete so if you are interested in helping us we would be delighted to receive your contributions!


The School’s Nursing Research Unit has received sufficient funding through faculty research efforts to be fully self-sustaining financially over this past year.  Our active faculty group during this year published 16 research and scholarly reports and made 18 presentations at conferences and workshops provincially and nationally during 1999/00.  During 2001 there were a total of 19 research grants obtained by faculty and graduate students.  In addition, our NRU has become the Cochrane Collaborating Centre for the Province under the direction of Dr. Sandra LeFort.

Dr. Sandra LeFort continues with her MRC funded study Evaluation of the chronic pain self-management program (grant $340,647) and as co-investigator on NHRD funded study Evaluating the impact of nurse practitioners in acute care settings.

Dr. Alice Gaudine continues with her SSHRC funded study on Decreasing employee absenteeism through feedback and goal setting, and feedback and relapse prevention and York University Research Grant for student on Ethical conflict in the workplace.

Dr. Sandra MacDonald has received two further contracts with Health & Community Service Boards in the province to conduct community needs assessments ($35,000 & $55,000).  Her work has resulted in the Department of Health & Community Services funding a half-time coordinator.

Dr. Shirley Solberg continues as the Health/Social Science lead in the inter-disciplinary study on Coasts Under Stress as well she co-directs the MUN satellite site for the National Cancer Institute of Canada focusing on women with breast cancer.  She also is the director of the Satellite Research Centre under the Sociobehavioural Cancer Research Network.

Drs. Lan Gien & Maureen Laryea have received a $678,000 research grant from SSHRC/NHRDP to study Natural Resources Depletion and Health.  This project will study community resilience after resources have been depleted and addressing the impact on the determinants of health.  Dr. Carole Orchard is also on this team.

Dr. Maureen Laryea and Prof. Doreen Dawe both received research grants to study aspects of breast cancer.

Professors Marilyn Beaton and Jeanette Walsh received research grants from ARCAUSN to study registered nurses in Newfoundland & Labrador prior to 1950.

Dr. Suzan Banoub-Baddour received a grant from the Janeway Foundation to study breastfeeding practices.

Our newest faculty members Profs. Karen Parsons and Robert Meadus also received research grants for studies.

In total during 2000-1 faculty and graduate students in the School of Nursing received grant funding for 19 research studies!


The inter-relationship between the health care system and the nursing community and the School of Nursing and its faculty has resulted in a continuing role for faculty to consult with colleagues in the practice setting.  Over the past year particular emphasis has been on care delivery systems, primary health care, residence care in long term care facilities as examples.  Faculty members also serve as volunteers and as board members in many community agencies including: The Iris Kirby House, the Salvation Army Seminary, other church groups, Senior Resources Centre to name a few.

Faculty are also involved in organizations that are beyond the provincial boundaries. These include:

Drs. Sandra LeFort, Donna Moralejo, and Carole Orchard served as reviewers for scholarship applications to the Canadian Nurses Association Trust.

Dr. Sandra LeFort also serves as a research grant reviewer for CIHR and on the Advisory Board for the Nursing Research Fund administered through CHSRF.  Dr. LeFort was elected co-chair of the Graduate Studies Committee of CAUSN and continues to serve as the Secretary of the Canadian Pain Society.

Dr. Moralejo has also been appointed Chair of the Scientific Program Committee for the 2002 National Conference of the Community and Hospital Infection Control Association of Canada.

Dr. Lan Gien and Prof. Kay Matthews have continued in their roles as project directors for two AUCC Tier II International Projects.  The former in Vietnam and the latter in Indonesia.  The Indonesia project resulted in four junior faculty from the University of Indonesia, Faculty of Nursing attending our School as graduate students.  Dr. Gien has also been successful in obtaining a further AUCC Tier II Grant for partnership with the School of Social Work in a further Tier II project in Vietnam focusing on the development of social workers.

Dr. Christine Way was awarded one of the distinguished teaching awards at MUN in 2000

Prof. Kay Matthews was awarded one of the Maritime Center for Excellence in Women’s Health’s Leadership award in recognition of her contribution to women’s health.

Dr. Maureen Laryea was elected president of the ARCAUSN (Atlantic Region’s Chapter of Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing.

Dr. Carole Orchard was elected co-chair of the Canadian Society for International Health (2000-2001) and President Elect of the Canadian Association of University Schools of Nursing (2000-2002).

Dr. Sandra MacDonald has just completed her elected position on the ARNNL’s (Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland & Labrador) Council.

Two faculty members received promotions to Associate Professor Ranks in 2000-- Dr. Sandra MacDonald and Prof. Sandra Small and in 2001 Prof. Karen Webber and Dr. Alice Gaudine.

In 2001 Dr. Maureen Laryea was promoted to full professor.

Dr. Chris Way received a cross appointment with the Faculty of Medicine and its Patient Research Unit. And Dr. Darryl Pulmann received a cross appointment in the School of Nursing.


Permission was also received from the VP, Academic to establish a Centre for International Nursing.  This Centre will facilitate all the international activities the School is involved in within a single umbrella and guided by an Advisory Committee accountable to the School’s Academic Council.

Current International Projects

Indonesia: This project has involved the faculty and students welcoming and learning about Indonesian nursing from four faculty members from our partner university in Jakarta who have been students in our MN program.  One Canadian student is also now in Jakarta with her program colleagues collecting data for their MN theses.

Vietnam: This project involved a visit from a group of Vietnamese nurses.  This visit included observational periods in Trepassey and Ferryland.  Some of the undergraduate students served as English mentors to these nurses.  Again the cultural cross-sharing was very rich.

A new international project is in the offing!  Our School of Nursing has been asked to assist in the development of nursing faculty at the International Medical University in Malaysia.  Representatives from IMU will be coming in October to discuss this collaboration more fully and to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for the project.


For many nurses the cost of programs is beyond their means.  Hence, we need your help.  Contributions to Scholarships if specified for a specific program in the School of Nursing means that your colleagues can benefit directly from.  All contributions are income tax deductible.  So both the donor and the recipient benefit.  We particularly need help in providing scholarships for the BN Fast-track program, which is new, but donations towards any of our programs would be greatfully received.  A School of Nursing Alumni

The School needs its own Alumni!  But we need some help in getting it started.  We are looking for interested volunteers who are willing to devote some time to make this happen.  If you are interested in being part of the Alumni Founding Committee please contact Marilyn Beaton at 753-3399 (home); 777-3461 or