Philosophy / Objectives

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The School of Nursing programs are based on three major beliefs:

  • that nursing is a dynamic and creative process, encompassing the interaction of the nurse, the client, and the environment;
  • that, as one of the health professions, nursing develops, tests, and uses theoretical and scientific knowledge; and
  • that caring for human beings and promoting change toward health are central to nursing.? Preparation for nursing requires a broad knowledge base not only in nursing and health sciences but also in the humanities and the natural and social sciences.

Nursing knowledge is concerned with the patterns of human behaviour as they evolve through interaction with the environment.

Nursing practice is based on theoretical and scientific knowledge and aims to promote health in a variety of settings.


The School of Nursing programs are designed to provide students with a liberal education which prepares them to be direct care-givers, teachers, counsellors and advocates for their clients. ?The students will be encouraged to perform these roles in a caring manner.? The courses in the programs will contribute to the knowledge, competencies and attitudes of graduates so that they may:

  • Provide for and facilitate comprehensive and effective client care;
  • Convey an awareness of and respect for the values, dignity, and rights of human beings;
  • Recognize the extent to which personal values and attitudes influence the interaction with and care of clients;
  • Apply current knowledge from nursing and other disciplines in any client care environment;
  • Apply scientific methods while maintaining the holistic perspective;
  • Take account of the influences of social, cultural, political and economic forces on the health and lifestyles of people;
  • Communicate and work effectively with other health professionals, agencies and governments in dealing with client care issues;
  • Become self-directed in the pursuit of excellence;
  • Be analytical, critical, and independent thinkers;
  • Use previous experience and education to enhance their knowledge base and competencies;
  • Affirm the values and standards of the nursing profession;
  • Recognize that learning is a continuous life-long process.



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