Management Team

 Dr. Alice Gaudine


Dr. Alice Gaudine, M.Sc. (Applied) McGill, PhD Concordia, RN

Tel: 709-777-6972




 Andrea Brennan-Hunter


Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs

Andrea Brennan-Hunter, BSc.N. St. Francis Xavier, MN Dalhousie


Tel: 709-777-6679




Dr. Donna Moralejo
Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Dr. Donna Moralejo, BA McGill, B.Sc. McGill, M.Sc. (Applied) McGill, PhD Calgary

Tel: 709-864-3603





Associate Dean, ResearchKaren assoc dean

Dr. Karen Parsons., BN, MN Memorial, PhD Rush

Winner of the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching 2014

Tel: 709-777-6528
Room: H2959

Expertise: Healthy aging; memory impairment in the older adult; teaching approaches to learning and critical thinking especially in the care of the older adult; Heideggerian hermeneutic phenomenology



Senior Administrative OfficerVerna Wroblewsky

Verna Wroblewski,
B.A.M., B.Ed. Acadia, B.Comm. Dalhousie, CA (Nova Scotia)

Tel: 709-777-7271  



School of Nursing

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