Web Content

Staff and Faculty are given responsibility and access to certain areas of the department web site for editing. Full training on how to edit and create your own content is given by Richard Blenkinsopp who also manages the site.

The site uses MUN's Site Builder technology that provides a web browser based "word processor" like interface to make the creation and editing of web material easy. It is possible to upload files (documents and audio files) and link them directly from pages, and also to incorporate images. The technology is still in development, and there are some limitations to what can be achieved with it. If you have web mastering skills, or an external web site that you would prefer to use for your web content, links can be made from your departmental bio page and Site Builder can be bypassed.

The big advantage of using Site Builder, is that the pages will always retain a consistency with the departmental, and university web site. The downside is that it really isn't practical to use for a large quantity of material. At least not yet.

Site Builder uses a heirarchial menu system - the menu you see on the left side of every page. In order to index faculty pages in this menu system, we would need to include everyone, and that would make for a very large menu that loses all practical uses. So, to navigate between pages on your own part of the site, you need to include links manually, either in the pages themselves, or as part of Site Builder's "Related Links" function. Either way, it requires manually inputting the web page address in the link function on your page. If you do have more than a couple of pages to put up, it would be most sensible to use a page that acts simply as a Table of Contents.