Why Study Chamber Music?

Memorial University ’s School of Music recognizes the important and enjoyable roll that chamber music study can play in the development of the professional musician. There are perhaps three big reasons why a musician would want to study chamber music.

1. It’s fun! Many professionals admit that chamber music collaborations can be the most rewarding and enjoyable part of their professional lives. We want everyone to have the chance to be bitten by the bug whether your focus is performance, education, or scholarship.

2. Professionals do it! Professional musicians, especially performers of course, find themselves playing in chamber ensembles for a large portion of their livelihood. It is important for students aiming for a career in music to have some practical training in these intensive types of collaborations.

3. Studying chamber music makes you a better musician! The chamber music course offerings at Memorial are open to all students in the School of Music as an excellent means of developing and strengthening many important skills. Experience working without a conductor will give you the confidence to develop your own sense of phrasing and musicality. Without a conductor, players are forced to sharpen their listening skills simply to stay together as a group. Since you won't play the same part as anyone else in the group, you and you alone are responsible for everything about how that part is played--rhythm, phrasing, intonation... EVERYTHING. There is no following in chamber music. Every player must be a leader, and the skills you hone in a small ensemble will transfer back to your solo and large ensemble playing too.