First Web Cast

CONCERT BAND CONCERT - 23rd March 2006

This is the first web cast from the School of Music. Like so many IT related things, web casting is not an exact science. How many people we can broadcast to and the experience that users get depend on many things relating to the network bandwidth available and users computers. You can help us to make informed decisions about our capabilities and the quality of broadcast we offer by completing the questionnaire below after you've watched the performance. Read the questions about the performance before you watch so that you know what you need to know!
For now, the performance will be broadcast at a small 320x240 pixel size. You can double the size in Windows Media Player and still maintain a reasonable quality by right clicking the video image and choosing Video Size > 200%. I thought it would be more important to give bandwidth to maximise the audio quality rather than the video. If we find that there are no problems with us broadcasting at this rate, we will try to rebroadcast it with higher quality settings. Please take the time to complete the questionnaire. Without your response, our survey gets distorted and doesn't represent all users. Even if you're unable to connect, we would like you to tell us so that we can work on what's going wrong for you.

We are broadcasting using Windows Media Encoder. To view, you need a player that can play Windows Media Player 9 video. Windows Media Player 9 or 10 is recommended and most Windows computers will already be equipped. Suitable players are also available from Microsoft for Windows and Mac platforms HERE and there is also a decoder available for QuickTime if you do not wish to use the Windows Media Player.

...and finally - if you don't manage to connect to the broadcast, let us know. We'll broadcast it again, on an unpublished web page for those unable to receive this time.

The broadcast will be relayed live - if you join it late, you'll miss the start! Video will be available ten minutes before the scheduled start time of the performance. If the link produces a message that tells you that you're receiving the feed, you're all set. If not, try reconnecting.

E-mail Address
MUN Music Student?
Yes No
This is as technical as it gets. If you're not sure about any of these details, you can just put in "don't know". The more information we have the better our stats will be.
Operating System
Processor Class
Processor Speed (Ghz, or Don't Know)
Memory installed (eg, 256Mb, 1Gb, Don't Know)
Media Player type (eg, Windows Media Player)
Version (eg, 9, 10 etc)
Internet Connection type
1. Were you able to connect to the broadcast? YES (Go to qu. 2) NO (Go to qu. 6)
2. Did you connect to the broadcast on the first attempt? YES NO
3. Were there any breaks in the broadcast? YES NO
4. Once you connected, were you able to watch the concert to the end? YES NO
5. Overall, was the broadcast smooth or choppy? SMOOTH CHOPPY
6. Would you like to be notified when we re-broadcast this program? YES NO
7. Are you interested in taking part in a more extensive study of web casting at the School of Music over the summer? YES NO