Marking, Lab and Ensemble Assistants

Following from a decision reached by consensus at our meeting of 4 March 2004, we will make the following allocation of marking assistance in the School of Music for the academic year running from Spring 2004 to the end of Winter 2005. This allocation is temporary and supercedes the earlier policy as articulated in the document "School of Music Marking, Lab and Ensemble Assistants" as found here. These allocations will be reviewed during the course of the Winter semester 2005 or in response to any change in funding made available from the School of Graduate Studies. This allocation is the result of authority delegated to the committee of faculty teaching music theory and music history and literature by a meeting of the full faculty of the School of Music on 3 February 2004.

50 hours each at undergraduate marking assistant rate

Music 1107 : Music 1108 : Music 2107 : Music 2108 : Music 3107 : Music 2011

50 hours each at graduate marking assistant rate

Music 1002 : Music 1003

25 hours each at undergraduate assistant rate

Music 2002 : Music 2003

Marking assistance will not be available for any other courses offered in the School of Music during 2004-5. Conducting/Instrumental lab assistantship will be applied for on the same basis as the ensemble assistants through MUCEP.

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