Policy on Use of Rehearsal Rooms

The Choral Rehearsal Room (MU1032) and the Instrumental Rehearsal Room (MU1034) are used by a wide variety of faculty, students and external groups. In order to minimize the problems that can arise from the use of these rooms for different purposes with different set-ups, all users are asked to observe the following:

All classes, rehearsals and other activities must end on time. Please note that activities scheduled in one-hour slots end at ten minutes before the hour, not on the hour. For example, a class that begins at 9:00 a.m. ends at 9:50, not 10:00. The ten-minute break is essential to allow time for changes of room set-up. One-and-one-half-hour slots end at fifteen minutes before or after the hour.

Unless you have reached a different agreement with the user who is scheduled to use the room immediately after your activity, it is your responsibility to leave the room in its "default" condition when you are finished, as follows (see diagram posted on bulletin board in each room):

Choral Room (MU1032) Default Set-up: All desks and chairs should be on the risers in an orderly, tidy fashion. Please leave an aisle from front to back at the centre, the corners, and the outer edges. All stands should be stacked together against the east wall near the instrument storage room door. Only the pianos, podium, table, and overhead/AV (if left in the room) should be in the open floor area in front of the risers.

Instrumental Room (MU1034) Default Set-up: All percussion instruments should be either in the storage cases or along the east wall. The back two rows of the band/orchestra set-up should be in place: approximately 25 seats and stands in the back row, with 15 seats and stands in the forward row. The jazz ensemble set-up should be in place against the south wall: three rows of five seats and stands with the rhythm section toward the emergency exit. In front of the concert band set-up, a semi-circle of approximately fifteen desks should face the podium. Excess chairs should be stacked along the north wall and excess stands should be collected in the corner between the north and east walls. There must be a clear aisle from the percussion area to the instrument storage room.

Stands are not to be removed from these rooms. The medium-brown stands belong in the Choral Room; there must always be at least fifteen stands. The black stands belong in the Instrumental Room. If you need stands in other spaces, use the beige Wenger stands only. No stands are to be removed from the building without written permission.

External users who do not leave these spaces in the proper condition may be denied permission to book the rooms in future.

If you notice at any time that one of these rooms has not been left in the proper condition, please notify the director as soon as possible.

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