Objectives in Concert Programming

The purpose of this statement of objectives is to encourage the development of a cohesive, professional-calibre concert series emanating from the School of Music. The statements below are intended to define objectives which programming in that series will meet and to encourage faculty concert proposals across a broad and diverse range. Once adopted, these objectives will be used to assist in the long-range planning and effective promotion of a series which is as inclusive as possible. The statements are not prioritized, although the first two groups of statements (student- and faculty-centred objectives) are considered as primary.

Student-centred Objectives

There are two distinct sets of objectives which are centred on students. In the first group, objectives which address performance opportunities for students are highlighted. In the second, the capability of the concert programming to expand students' knowledge of repertoire is elaborated.

  • Provide all students with ensemble performance opportunities.
  • Provide each ensemble with a minimum of one, preferably two exceptional performance opportunities during the four-year span of every student's normal academic career. Exceptional performance opportunities are understood to encompass major event participation; national or international festival participation; national or international touring; performances with internationally renowned conductors/soloists; etc.
  • Provide students of exceptional performance or composing abilities with opportunities to perform with/be performed by faculty and visiting artists.
  • Through recitals and lecture-recitals, provide exposure to a broad range of repertoire of solo and chamber works.
  • Provide exposure to professional performing practice through concerts given by faculty and other nationally and internationally renowned artists.
  • Provide exposure to Canadian and contemporary repertoire.
  • Provide exposure to world and early music repertoire.
  • Provide performance opportunities for alumni.

Faculty-centred Objectives

  • Provide faculty with opportunities for collegial collaboration.
  • Provide faculty with opportunities for repertoire exploration/development.
  • Provide all faculty – including not only performers, but also composers and research-oriented faculty – with opportunities to elaborate work-in-progress projects in concert form.
  • Provide faculty the opportunity to work in performance with other artists of international reputation
  • Provide touring opportunities for faculty soloists and ensembles in the Province, the region, nationally and itnernationally
  • Develop exchange programs for faculty artists with other Canadian University Music Schools, as well as elsewhere in North America and Europe
  • Assist faculty in obtaining broader exposure and partnerships through cultivation of relationships with other presenters, CBC, arts organizations

Community-centred Objectives

  • Encourage programming which is, whenever possible, complementary to, rather than competitive with, that being offered elsewhere in the community
  • Provide programming with strong educational bias and delivering that programming through free or subsidized concerts tickets to school groups
  • Encourage programming initiatives which will assist in audience development
  • Partner with community-based music organizations (e.g., possibility of performing arts and letters competition entries)
  • Generate occasional thematic and festival programming with broad appeal
  • Devise an effective communications plan to optimize concert series exposure to community


Proceeding from the objectives above, the Concerts Committee should consider launching the following initiatives. Among these the first three are of highest priority.

  • Establish a coherent programming series
  • Maximize audiences (and concert revenue) through improved communications
  • Plan a multi-year, strategic placement of major events
  • Establish a multi-year plan for artists-in-residence (including composers-in-residence)
  • Encourage thematic programming
  • Encourage mini-festivals
  • Develop a program of advocacy for Canadian works and commissions
  • Encourage faculty chamber ensembles
  • Encourage the establishment of a contemporary music performance group
  • Encourage historic/early music performances and programs of world music
  • Optimize access to external funding partners (SOCAN, Canada Council)

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