Policy on Using the Faculty Admin Room

To insure security of equipment, as well as confidentiality of faculty printing and xeroxing:

  • Please remember to close the door every time you leave the faculty admin. room, even if you are planning to come right back or will be just down the hall.
  • Students may view videotapes in MU2017 or MU2021, but on occasion, these rooms are not available. If space is needed, Room 1002 can be used. This is the locked practice room with the old harpsichord in it. If you want the key to be made available to students in your conducting class - or better yet, to your marking assistant - please leave the names of authorized students with Marie and Laura, so they know who is allowed to sign out the key.
  • Remember that Laura is happy to do your xeroxing for you during office hours. After hours, it would be best if you do your own xeroxing. However, there may be times when you have good reasons to ask a student for help, and if you feel that this is necessary, do not give them your xerox code. Instead, ask for a separate code for the authorized student, and an account will be set up with an appropriate copy limit.
  • If you have already given your code to a student, please notify the office, and you will be assigned a new code, which should not be given to anyone. This is for your own protection, in case of abuse. You should keep track of the amount of copying that you have asked your student assistant to do for you, in case any questions or concerns arise about the amount of copying s/he is doing. There have been rumors of unauthorized copying being done by students who have access to the class master key, so we would like to make sure that the room does not become a free copy centre for those students who have access to student assistant keys.
  • If an authorized student is doing copying for you, you must let them into the room yourself and be on hand to make sure that the room is closed and locked when they are finished. The office staff will not give out the key for the faculty admin. room to students.
  • With the exception of your student assistant who has been given copying privileges, do not let any students into the faculty admin. room.
  • Do not give equipment from the faculty admin. room to any students. The only exception is conducting instructors, who may sign out the VCR to their student assistant for viewing of student videotapes.

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