Admissions to History & Lit and Theory & Comp.

Recommendation from the ad hoc sub-committee on Admissions to Majors in Music History & Literature and Music Theory & Composition Students wishing to be admitted to the majors in Music History & Literature and Music Theory & Composition (and Joint Performance majors) will normally apply before the completion of their fourth semester in the B. Mus. Program. Application forms will be available from the Office of the School of Music with an application deadline set by the office.

Students applying to these majors will submit a small portfolio of relevant work with their applications. Relevant work can include essays, compositions or analyses written either in the context of academic course work or independently. Normally no more than three pieces of work should be submitted.

Candidates for these majors will be interviewed by a panel of faculty representing the disciplines of musicology, ethnomusicology, theory and composition. The interviews will be scheduled by the office and take place during the annual jury period. These interviews will consist of discussions around the work submitted (additional work may be brought to the interview, if desired) and general knowledge and interest in the relevant discipline. Candidates may also be asked to discuss personal and career objectives.

The interview panel will then make recommendations to a general meeting of faculty regarding the acceptance of rejection of candidates to the majors in Music History & Literature and Music Theory & Composition. These recommendations will be accompanied by statistical summaries of the candidates’ academic performance including:

  • Overall GPA and B.Mus.
  • Course averages
  • Marks in all core courses in the relevant discipline
  • Marks in any elective courses in the relevant discipline
  • Marks in relevant non-music courses (e.g., English and research/writing courses for prospective history and lit majors, technology courses for prospective theory and comp majors).
  • Full transcripts for each candidate will be available for consultation

Ratified at the School of Music Faculty Meeting 31 August 2007

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