Sherry Squires

Piano, B.Mus. ’81, B.Mus.Ed. ’81

Current Location: Toronto, Ontario

Professionally: Sherry began her career as a music teacher in Newfoundland. She decided she needed to explore other options so in 1986 she decided to take a year off and move to Toronto. There she began to teach private lessons part-time at St. Christopher House (a not-for-profit social service agency located in downtown Toronto). In addition, she directed community theatre, conducted choirs, accompanied various soloists and groups and was founding member and arranger for the vocal trio Daughters of the Rock. She is currently coordinator of the Music School at St. Christopher House which offers music lessons to children from low-income homes in the area at very little expense to the families. She does everything for the program, from organizing schedules and teachers, to administration and fundraising. With all that on her plate you might think that she has little time for other musical pursuits, but she also accompanies the Jubilate Singers, conducts the Toronto Sun Lovers (an adult community choir), and continues to perform with Daughters of the Rock.

Memories of MUN Music: For Sherry some of her fondest memories are of the people in that old temporary building (for the new(er) graduates of MUN Music, the School used to be housed in portable classrooms before the opening of the M.O. Morgan Building). As Sherry puts it, "You had to put your boots on to pee, but the conditions made us all close". She started in 1976 (and specifically asked us to mention that Kjellrun Hestekin and Paul Bendzsa were teaching here that first year), and because the school was quite small she had an opportunity to experience everything from concert band to choir. The other thing that greatly influenced her was the School of Music’s semester exchange program to England. She said "The experiences in London and at MUN enabled me to gain confidence and gave me innumerable skills that have allowed me to continue to grow as a musician and person".

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