Andrea Lodge

B.Mus. (Hon.) ‘05

Professionally - A native of Bonavista, Andrea began lessons at an early age on the organ and by the time she was in High School she was coming to St. John’s every other weekend to take piano lessons. Acclaimed by The Telegram as a “Must See” she convocated this past June from Memorial were she received several awards, including the University Medal for Academic Excellence in Music, the Dr. Maureen Volk Award and the Dr. Hugh O'Neill Prize in Piano. While at MUN she studied with Kristina Szutor.

The 2004 winner of the chamber music category in the Newfoundland Symphony – Petro-Canada Young Artists competition, Andrea’s performance of the Schubert Adagio and Rondo Concertante with the Atlantic Quartet was featured on the CBC music program Musicraft. Also in 2004 she was the Kiwanis Festival provincial winner in piano and was selected to represent the province in the piano category at the National Music Competition.

As a Performer "I love new music and approach it with an open mind. Some of it has difficult technical demands, but I love the challenges. Being a performer means you spend most of your time practicing, so you’ve got to love all aspects of the music, as well as the performances. I work hard, and I think that comes from my family. My grandparents were fishermen and I’m grateful for the work ethic they taught me - through their hard work I was given the opportunity to follow my passion and be a performer."

Thoughts on the School of Music - "I enjoyed that the School was small enough to offer a multitude of opportunities - I had such amazing experiences. Through chamber music I could experiment with different types of music and instrumental combinations and I found that I learned more about myself (as a performer) by playing with other musicians. I also appreciated that I got to interact not only with people from the university environment but also with the community. During my first year I played for Opera Workshop and we spent 6 weeks touring schools in the province. I love Newfoundland history and this was a great way to learn about some of the different communities."

In the Future - In the fall Andrea will be starting her Masters in piano performance at the University of British Columbia with Jane Coop where she hopes to further explore new music. Past that she plans to enter international piano competitions as well as to continue to play chamber music. She sees herself eventually doing a Doctorate, but will take advantage of any opportunities that come her way in the meantime. Of course, she also plans to stay connected with her roots by continuing to perform both in St. John’s and Bonavista.

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