Academic Program Review 2007

Self-Study Work Groups

The working groups for the self-study phase of the Academic Program Review have now been constituted. Wherever possible, stated preferences were respected in the assignments made. Each group is comprised two faculty, one staff member and one student. (Not all groups have students assigned to them yet. SMS is still soliciting volunteers).

The faculty members of the group should determine between them which shall be chair and which shall be secretary. Student and staff members on each group are full participants who have much to contribute from their perspectives. Their roles are not to be construed as clerical.

The guidelines are available on the APR web-site ( and should be used to guide the process. At the very least they should serve as a starting point for each group. At the same time, the guideline questions should not be seen to limit the exploration of the group. In the case of each working group, it is quite likely that statistical information will be valuable in shaping the discussion. The APR office has the resources to compile this information for us. For efficiency of communication, I would request that all requests for statistical information be channelled through Keith's office. He will forward such requests to the APR office and return the information to the working group. It will be most useful to request such information earlier in the process, rather than later.

Last time, many groups found that surveying students, faculty, community members/alumni produced useful information on which to reflect in the self-study. Again, if your group intends to use this technique, I would encourage you to undertake it earlier in the process rather than later. Please pass all surveys by my office before distributing them within the community.

Additional information on the APR can be found at Please note that on the projected timeline circulated among faculty, October 26 was set as the due date for interim working group reports to be submitted to the Director's Office. Final reports are requested for November 9th. Optimal length for each "chapter" is 3 to 5 pages with 5 being an absolute maximum. Charts, tables, statistical information, survey results, etc. can be included in appendices, but the reports themselves will be more effective for their concision.

  1. Strategic Objectives: Cheramy/Agocs/Matthews/Hurley
  2. Student Enrolments/Outcomes: Volk/Steeves/Taylor/Thavanathan
  3. Curriculum: Bendzsa/Bulmer/Matthews/Saulnier
  4. Research/Creative Activity/Scholarship: Dahn/Gosine/Tulk/Sharpe
  5. Role in Cultural Milieu: Dunsmore/Power/Houston/
  6. Facilities & Equipment: Schiller/Regehr/Blenkinsopp/
  7. Administrative Support/Efficiency: Rice/Leibel/O’Neill/
  8. Cost Effectiveness: Hestekin/Szego/Noseworthy/

Editorial Committee Szutor/Cook/Gordon/

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