Academic Program Review 2007



  • 20 June Meeting with Vice-President (Academic) Eddy Campbell and Dean of Record for the APR, Dr Doreen Neville to review objectives and procedures
    Approval of Self-Study Guidelines for Academic Program Review
  • 1 September Deadline for submission of APR-format CVs from all full-time faculty (template available at
  • 7 September Deadline for all FT faculty to indicate self-study working group preferences
  • 14 September Deadline to receive nominations from FT faculty for APR external and internal reviewers
  • 18 September Announcement of composition of self-study working groups
    Balloting to determine priorities among nominated external and internal reviewers
  • 26 October Self-study working groups submit interim reports to Director
  • 9 November Self-study working groups submit final reports to Director
  • 12 November Collated reports distributed for review by faculty, staff and students
  • 20 November Meetings to review the self-study have been completed with all constituencies. Self-study ready for approval at Academic Council
  • 3 December Self-study submitted to Dean of Record for Review


  • February or April Site visit by APR Review Team
  • April or June Receipt of APR Reviewers’ Report
  • May or July Response to APR Reviewers’ Report and drafting of Action Plan
  • September Academic Council approves APR Action Plan for 2008 - 2013

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