Instructions: Please follow this order and use these numbers in creating your curriculum vitae. In each category, list the information in the chronological order of your choice. Indicate with ‘N/A’ any categories that are not applicable. Feel free to cut and paste from relevant sections of your existing CV. This form is available electronically, please request a copy by e-mail or on diskette from Laura

  1. Name
  2. Address, Telephone number and e-mail
  3. Degrees and other certification:
    Doctorate Date Place Dissertation Topic
    Master's Date Place Major
    Bachelor's Date Place Major
    Other Date Place
  4. Awards, Honours, Professional Recognition (name and date)
  5. Relevant Employment History e.g., Teaching, Research, Academic Administration (include dates)
  6. Current Teaching: Courses taught, courses developed or under development, teaching innovations implemented or planned, thesis or research supervision
  7. Grants Applied for and/or received (date and duration)
  8. Publications: (Categorize into peer and non-peer reviewed works)
    • Books - published only
    • Compositions and musical arrangements
    • Critical editions
    • Compact discs
    • Articles - published only (Please indicate whether a journal is refereed.)
    • Introductions to books, chapters in books - published only
    • Abstracts - published only
    • Book Reviews - published only
    • Review Articles or Essays - published only
    • Technical Reports - published only
  9. Works in Press: (name of press, anticipated schedule; include relevant correspondence in dossier)
    • Works Submitted but not yet accepted
    • Works in Progress
  10. Concerts, Performances, Exhibitions, Commissions and creative works completed and in progress. Include a full listing for performances within the past five years; a summary statement of career performances before that date. (Distinguish contracted and self-promoted performances; where performances are recorded for broadcast, provide details.)
    • Contracted solo recitals (contracted and self-promoted)
    • Concerto performances
    • Concerts conducted
    • Chamber performances
  11. Ensemble performances
  12. Scholarly Lectures and Other Professional Presentations (date, title, place and occasion). Indicate when invited and peer-reviewed.
  13. Other Professional Activities (editorial work, review of manuscripts, adjudication of grant proposals, consulting, etc.)
  14. Professional Development e.g., additional courses, training, workshops, etc.
  15. Professional Memberships, Fellowships, etc. (including any offices held)
  16. University Service: Departmental, program or university committees and other university service and governance (including advising, recruiting any delegated administrative responsibilities, etc. (dates served)
  17. Administrative Responsibilities e.g. Program Chair, Department Head, etc.
  18. Relevant Community Service e.g., activities in support of, or promotion of, university/community relations.