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Olympus Airlock

Who are we?

We are a team of Memorial University of Newfoundland and College of the North Atlantic students who will design, construct, and demonstrate a prototype airlock capable of operation on Mars. Our team will compete against other universities across North America in a variety of criteria as part of the UBC Mars Colony Project Airlock Challenge.

The airlock design will be ready to tackle extreme conditions such as temperatures as low as −153 °C, cosmic rays, and near vacuum atmospheric pressure while preventing soil particles containing perchlorates from accumulating within the habitat. The airlock will be able to expand from an initially compressed state for facilitated transportation to Mars. Our team is working hard to utilize engineering principles and technical knowledge to innovate and overcome these challenges while optimizing cost and weight. 

Why should you join?

Members of this team will gain invaluable experience testing the limits and pushing the boundaries to solve problems which will help enable future Mars colonization. Olympus Airlock is a team for students who have the drive to make a difference and want to be a part of a significant development.


Official competition website: