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The main purpose of the Memorial University of Newfoundland Pensioners’ Association is:
1. to foster and promote the aims and well-being of its members,
2. to represent the members on relevant university committees,
3. to receive and hold all money and other assets subscribed to it or acquired in any other way and to use such assets for the administration and betterment of The Association, and
4. to advise members and / or ensure that members are informed by the university on all changes to pensions, benefits and other related matters.


Membership in the Association is open and granted to all retired employees of Memorial University of Newfoundland and includes beneficiaries and survivors of retirees.

Membership Fees

There shall be a nominal membership fee to provide funds for Administrative Functioning of the Association. The Fee is to be set by the membership at a General Meeting and decided by a majority vote.

Membership fees, which are optional, are currently set at $2 (two dollars) per month.  Members who wish to contribute membership fees may arrange to have them deducted automatically from their pension payment by completing the MUNPA Information Form found HERE and by ticking the first option on that form which is an authorization for payroll deduction.  Members wishing to pay the fees annually by sending a cheque or money order made payable to MUNPA for the appropriate amount to the address noted below should tick the second option.  Members not wishing to contribute a membership fee should tick the third option on the form.  Copies of the form may also be had by phoning the MUNPA office.

Pensioners' Association
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, Newfoundland
Canada A1C 5S7


The Annual General Meeting shall be held prior to October 31st each year at a time, date and place to be designated by the Executive Committee. Pensioners shall be notified not less than 15 (fifteen) days prior to the meeting.