Reports From Membership, Committees etc.


Document LinkDescription
20161120_XmasSocialInformation for the 2016 Christmas Social Event.
2015-16_BudgetBudget documentation for 2015 through 2016.
201601_CuracBulletinCURAC Bulletin.
201603_CuracBulletinCURAC Bulletin.
2015_MedaviePresentationSlideshow from the Medavie Presentation in 2015.
201503_AWBReport from Academics Without Borders.
20150331_BalanceSheetFinancial Balance Sheet from March 2015.
20150331_StatementofRevandExpA statement of revenues and expendatures from 2015.
2014_AWBCallforproposalsReport from Academics Without Borders.
201410_AWBexecReport from Executives from Academics Without Borders.
201409_AWBReport from Academics Without Borders.
201407_AWBReport from Academics Without Borders.
201406_AWBReport from Academics Without Borders.
2014-15_BudgetBudget documentation for 2014 through 2015.
20140612_AMMPackagePackaged report from the Annual General Meeting of 2014.
20140331_FinancialPositionStatement of Financial Position in 2014.
20140331_StatementofRevandExpA statement of revenues and expendatures from 2014.
201401_AWBexecReport from Executives at Academics Without Borders.
2013_TermsOfReferenceReport of various terms of reference.
20130701_AWBReport from Academics Without Borders.
20130301_AWBReport from Academics Without Borders.
20130121_CuracInputRequestRequest for input from MUNPA members from CURAC.
201212_CuracHealthReport from CURAC conerning health and wellness.
201206_BylawsReport of MUNPA Bylaws.
2011_CuracMunpaPresidentsReport from MUNPA's Presidents concerning a conference in September 23, 2011.
20110923_CuracEdWilliamsReport from CURAC's Ed Williams at a conference in September 23, 2011.
20101013_MunpaConstitutionReport of changes made to Bylaws & Policies.
200910_MunpaConstitutionReport of changes made to Bylaws & Policies.
200712_PensionSeminarReport on the pension seminar held in December, 2007.



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