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Archived Documents - Please view other MUNPA sections for current documentation and activity

Document Package for June 14, Annual General Meeting

Report on CURAC Annual Conference--May, 2011

MUNPA Administrative Policies - August 2010

MUNPA Annual General Meeting--June 14, Lester Farms--programme and details

Johnson GEO CENTRE seeks volunteer interpreters

Memorandum of Understanding between MUNPA and Memorial University of Newfoundland

Don Cuff's presentation about income tax to Morning in the Garden, March 17, 2011

Association for Higher Education and Development

MUNPA Committees for 2010-2011

Annual Budget as presented to October 13th Annual General Meeting

Benefits Committee Report for October 13th Annual General Meeting

Other Documents from the October 13th. Annual General Meeting

Automobile and home insurance available to MUNPA members at group rates from Waterloo Insurance

New Board of Directors elected at Annual General Meeting

New MUNPA Constitution as amended at Annual General Meeting, October 13, 2010

CURAC Newsletter, Autumn 2010 (includes coverage of national meeting in May)

MUNPA Executive Board Policies--August, 2010

Report on CURAC National Conference: May, 2010

Board of Regents Benefits Committee Report - April, 2010

Board of Regents Benefits Committee Report - November, 2009

Walkers now covered by Health Plan

Minutes of October 15, 2009, AGM

Medavie Blue Cross presentation at AGM, October 15, 2009

Daryl Pullman - Presentation on Advanced Health Care Directives at AGM, October 15

(These presentations are in PowerPoint. If you don't have PowerPoint, a free viewer can be downloaded HERE)

Report on the June 30, 2009 Pensions Committee meeting

Report on the June 4, 2009 Pensions Committee meeting

Spring, 2009 issue of On Guard (federal employees newsletter)

Subscription to The Literary Review of Canada at 41% off regular price for members of CURAC associations

Updated (April, 2009) Group Benefits Guide for Retirees

Retirement Abroad - Seeing the Sunsets (brochure from Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Increase in pension plan contributions - effective April 1, 2009

Application Form -- CARP membership at reduced rates for members of CURAC associations

Report from Ontario Expert Commission on Pensions (2008)

(much material specific to Ontario but a lot of good general information)

Blue Cross Prescription Drug Coverage -- Appeals of Decisions

Seniors and the Law in Newfoundland and Labrador

Grandparents' Rights

Group Benefits Guide for Retirees

PowerPoint presentation from October 16, 2008 workshop on digital photography

President's Message -- August, 2008

Ages, place of residence, and pension income of MUNPA members: March 19, 2008

Letter from Evan Simpson (MUNPA President) to Board of Regents concerning the 5% shortfall in the pensions of pre-1997 survivors--March, 2008

Benefits Committee Report--March, 2008

Report on Pension Seminar--December, 2007