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I ♥ MUN Instagram Contest Winners!

I ♥ MUN Instagram contest. First place winners walk away with $500, second place winners collect $250, and third place winners will receive $100. The I MUNdays team will be in contact with the winners in the next few days to arrange your prize. Thanks to everyone for all your great submissions!!



First Place (Judges Pick) - michael_coyne

Grenfell Campus #ilovemundays @ilovemundays #cbfal

 Grenfell Campus #ilovemundays @ilovemundays #cbfal




Second Place (Judges Pick) - elbonitakozhani 

Community service day. Beach clean up with these wonderful people. @ilovemundays #ilovemundays




Third Place (Judges Pick) - alcander_w





First Place (Voting) - nsaunders14

During my semester at Harlow, I experienced one of the best days of my life - skydiving over the Swiss Alps! If it wasn't for Memorial and their study abroad program, I may have never got the opportunity to cross this adventure off my bucket list. So much love for my University! #ilovemundays @ilovemundays




Second Place (Voting) - tyngwen

I come from Taiwan, and we all come from different countries. We got together to celebrate Megan's 17th birthday. It is MUN let us meet. I love MUNï¼Â I love Grenfellï¼Â#ilovemundays @ilovemundays




Third Place (Voting) - itsasimplelife

Barnes loves Mundays. Caution: slippery when wet. #ilovemundays @ilovemundays






 All photos that were submitted can been seen by clicking the camera icon above!