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Tuesday, October 22

12 p.m. - 3 p.m. 

The Landing - UC 3018


Where in the world would you like to eat lunch today?

At the International Bazaar, you can chow down on some of the most flavourful foods from around the globe or adorn yourself with exotic jewelery.

It's a marketplace of world music, tastes, sights and sounds. We will have Tupperware on sale so that you can take some delicious food home with you!

Everyone is welcome!


Smart Suggestions from Bazaar Goers

  • Come early as the food will go quickly!
  • Most bazaar vendors only accept cash. Make sure    you have enough for your favourite foods!
  • Bring tupperware (or purchase some at the Bazaar)  so that you can bring some home too!
  • Try something new! You'll never know what you may experience at the bazaar!