About Reunions

From classic concerts and open mic nights in the former Thompson Student Centre and getting lost in the MUNnels system, to cheering on your favourite Beothuks or Sea-Hawks team and proudly walking across Convocation stage, alumni of all ages have their own unique memories of times spent at Memorial.

Maybe it’s your acting debut at Grenfell Campus, residence challenges, hanging out in the Spanish Café, taking in the Marine Institute’s beautiful view of the capital city from its library, or semesters abroad in Harlow, England – there’s rarely a dull moment.

Whether its Parade Street or Philosophy, Engineering or Earth Sciences – no matter how you’re connected, Memorial has had an indelible impact on your lives and we want to be a part of your future.

Your connections with Memorial don’t end at graduation

That’s why reunions provide the perfect backdrop to relive the good times and reminisce about special connections to not only your classmates but also Memorial. They're also the perfect time to reunite with friends and expand your professional networks.

Reunions are special times for graduates. They’re milestones and celebrations of achievements, prompting alumni to reflect on their times here at Memorial.

Reunions also provide alumni the opportunity to renew their connections with Memorial by giving back to the university or committing gifts to celebrate a class or special reunion. There are lots of ways you can renew your connections with Memorial from financial Reunion Giving to other means such as volunteering to speak with a particular class, hiring work-term students or mentoring somebody who can directly benefit from your expertise!

So, head back to class, meet up with long lost friends and share laughs and memories!

Reunions are all about you: your time, your memories and your connection to Memorial.

We can’t wait to see you!