RAMADAN 1434/2013

Ramadan card

May the peace and blessings of almighty Allah be upon you. This page will contain information about this Ramadan. 

First Things First: IFTAR

The MSA wishes to inform you that Iftar for:

1. Weekdays: Monday to Friday will be in UC 2001 for brothers and UC 6011 for Sisters.

2. Weekends: will be hosted by MANAL on Sundays at the mosque. Transportation will be made available to and from the mosque. (We will provide you with more details about the transportation as soon as we get them sorted out.)


Taraweeh will be held in UC 2001 this Ramadan.

Prayer Times and Calendar

The prayer times and Calendar for this Ramadan can be found on this

link provided by MANAL. 

May Allah make us victorious in this Ramadan, forgive our sins and grant us the highest part of heaven and the opportunity to see our beloved prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Ameen.