1) Daily prayers

All daily prayers can be performed in the Earth Sciences building (ER 4070 - which is located in the corridor between Earth Sciences and Engineering). You will need a code to access the room. Please contact an executive member if you need this code.

2) Juma'a (Friday) prayers

These are now held in the UC-The Landing or UC-2001 every Friday at 1:15 p.m for students' convenience. They are also held in Masjid An-Noor on 430 Logy Bay Road at the same time.

3) Prayer times:

4) Qibla Direction

This will show the Qibla from your location. If you would like to find out the Qibla from St. John's, please enter that in the search query. If you would like you can also go to this link here to find out the Qibla from anywhere.