New Students

Welcome to all new students, 

You may be a new student coming to MUN as an undergraduate student or for your graduate studies from St. John's, other parts of Canada, or other parts of the world. In any case the MSA executive and the rest of the muslim student community would like to congratulate you and welcome you. Moreover, we make dua'a that your studies will be successful and more importantly that your time here will help you become more educated and hence a better Muslim. 

We have included below a brief guide and some useful resources to aid in your transition. 

Some useful resources at MUN for different purposes include:


Basic Info


Office & Phone No. 

ISA (International Student Advising Office) Can help international students with a variety of things including health insurance, income taxes etc.

Corte Real Room 1000A

Tel: (709)864-8895

CDEL (Career Development and Experiental Learning) Can help you with your resume, cover letters, interview skills etc.


Tel: (709)864- 2033

Answers This is where you would get your campus card and lockers


Tel: (709)864-7461

Have a resource you recommend and that we forgot to include here?Please contact the website administrator and let us know about it. Thanks.