Current Executives

The MSA Executives for 2016-2017:



Contact information

President Ahmed Khawer msapresident@mun.ca
Vice-president Dayana Shublaq  ds8768@mun.ca
Secretary Mohammed Yaqoub  mygmk8@mun.ca
Treasurer Mohamed Masrob  maam63@mun.ca

Sisters' Social Coordinator

Ladan Mowlid  lm3007@mun.ca

Brothers' Social Coordinator

Asad Ali Abid  aaa303@mun.ca

Religious Activities Coordinator

Ibrahim Futheiz  iaf747@mun.ca

External Relations Officer

Tamara Muise  tmm635@mun.ca
Webmaster Mohammed Taleb Berrouane mtb005@mun.ca









 Ahmed Khawer


Assalam Alaikum,

My name is Ahmed  and I am a 4th year Biochemistry student completing my Bachelors here at MUN. I am originally from Pakistan, but have spent most of my life here in Newfoundland. MSA has been a significant part of my undergraduate degree. I got involved in my first year and this is now my 4th year in the organization. I have previously served as Vice-president and Social coordinator as well. Being involved in the MSA has significantly stimulated personal growth and I have developed many leadership skills. I am a very friendly and outgoing person. Along with my studies and commitment to MSA, I am actively involved in many of Memorial’s leadership programs, such as the Memorial Ambassador program. I look forward to this year, and hope that it will be a successful one for MSA!


Dayana Shublaq


Asalam alykom,

My name is Dayana Shublaq and I am in my last year of undergrad, doing a bachelors of science in Behavioural Neuroscience. I am originally from Egypt, but have lived in Newfoundland all my life. This is my second year with MSA. I began as Sisters' social coordinator and am now Vice-president. MSA has played a huge role in my extracurricular life since I began and is beyond self-fulfilling and rewarding. I enjoy working with all the executives on board, and look forward to another great and eventful year with everyone!



Ladan Mowlid 

Sisters' Social Coordinator (Fall Semester)

Assalaamu alaykum!

My name is Ladan Mowlid and words can not explain how happy I am to say that I am finally in my last year of undergrad. I am a doing a double major in communications studies and sociology while concurrently working on completing a diploma in performance and communications media. I love all things social, digital and performance media as a means of understanding social problems, as per my double major. I was born and raised in Toronto for most of my life but have been nomadically moving around to different cities for the last 8-10 years. This is my second year in St. John's but my first year with the MSA. I'm excited and I look forward to an eventful year with you all as the sisters' social coordinator this year!

PS: I really do love approaching and interacting with other Muslims on campus, so if you see me, feel free to start up a conversation with me. (:


Mohammed Taleb Berrouane


Assalamo Alaykom,

My name is Mohammed and I am a Ph.D student in Safety Engineering. I am originally from Algeria, and I used to communicate in Arabic and French, but never in English. Memorial University was the first place where I started speaking in English and I’m so proud to be part of it and a part of MSA. I have previously served with MSA as a volunteer and with other associations such as RIAC – Refugee and Immigrant Advisory Council and MANAL – Muslim Association of Newfoundland and Labrador. I hope to contribute in the promotion of MSA with this wonderful team!


Mohamed Masrob (no photo)


My name is Mohamed Masrob. I am a Libyan Student. I got my bachelor and master in my country. I am doing Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. It is the first year for me with the MSA, and I am the Treasurer. It's a great opportunity for me to serve our community at Memorial University. May Allah help us to make this year very successful year.


Asad Ali Abid

Brothers' Social Coordinator (Spring and Fall semester)

My name is Asad Ali Abid and I am a Undergraduate business student here at MUN. I am originally from Pakistan. This is my first year in MSA and it has been great so far. I look forward to working with this team and serving our community. 


Saimoom Ferdous 

Brothers' Social Coordinator (Winter semester)

Assalamu Alaikum

My name is Md Saimoom Ferdous. I started my journey at MUN as a PhD student in electrical engineering back in May 2016. I am from Bangladesh and I came to Canada in 2013 for pursuing my MASc degree in the same field. Coming to Canada I always thought how I could get in touch and contribute for the betterment of the muslim community. I have always been passionate for volunteering and believe that volunteering can promote a true feeling of peace in society. As part of volunteering activities I have completed the volunteer incentive program in bronze and silver certification. Last year I volunteered with the MSA for the Iftar events. The new commitment with the MSA has paved a broader opportunity for me to serve better for this organization. I envision and pray for a successful time for MSA coming ahead.


AbdulRahim Iqbal

Brothers' Social Coordinator (Winter semester)

My name is Abdulrahim Iqbal. I am from Pakistan and currently I am studying undergraduate studies in Engineering at Memorial. I am very excited to work with MSA this semester because I want to help develop a positive image of Islam and the true teachings of the religion.


Ibrahim Futheiz (no photo)

Religious Activities Coordinator (Spring and Fall Semester)

Assalam Alaykom,

My name is Ibrahim Futheiz and I am a Masters student in Mechanical Engineering. I am originally from Libya. This is my first year in MSA and I am happy to serve as the Religious Activities Coordinator. 


Mohammed Mehrez 

Religious Activities Coordinator (Winter Semester)

Assalam Alaikum,

My name is Mohamed and I am a PhD student at Memorial University (MUN); my research work is related to robotics and Mechatronics' systems. I am originally from Egypt, and I came to Newfoundland in 2012 to start my PhD journey. Although this is the first time as an MSA executive, I have served the Muslim community in Newfoundland by participating in Sunday school, at Masjid-an-Noor, Newfoundland. There, I was teaching young Muslims about Islam and The Qur'an. I have been always very happy and satisfied with the activities conducted by the MSA. Therefore, I decided to join this association and actively spend my time and effort along the other executives; I vision this as a part of my duties towards the Muslim students' community at MUN. I am certain that the upcoming semester is going to be another very successful one for MSA (Insha'Allah).


Mohammad Yaqoub Khan


Assalam Alaikum,

My name is Mohammad Yaqoub and I am an Engineering student at Memorial. This is my first year in MSA but I have previously worked as a MUCEP student in MSA. I look forward to this year and hope it will be a successful one.

Tamara Muise

External Relations Officer