Our Journey

Dr. Mohammed Irfan, a retired faculty member in the department of Physics since 1964, was one of the first Muslims in Newfoundland. Dr. Aziz Rahman, a professor of Engineering had previously helped in the building of a mosque in Ottawa in 1966 and the establishment of an MSA at Carleton University in Ottawa while doing his graduate studies.

Dr. Rahman along with Dr. Irfan helped to establish the MSA-MUN in 1976 as faculty advisors. The first MSA Executive members consisted of Br. Husein El-tahan and Ahmed.

The MSA was able to obtain a permanent prayer room recently. Before this, Muslim students at MUN struggled in performing daily and Friday prayers and celebrations as they used different classrooms in various places of the university until the mosque’s establishment in 1990.

In order to facilitate students' prayers, the MSA has also started holding Friday prayers at the Memorial University campus in 2012. 

The MSA deeply appreciates those who sincerely contributed to the well being of Muslims and Islam at MUN for the sake of Allah. The MSA-MUN appreciates the generous help of MUN over the years. Without Allah's will, as well as these continued contributions, the Muslim community would not be what it is today.