Beverley Diamond

Selected Publications since 2007

“The Doubleness of Sound in Canada’s Indian Residential Schools.” In Victoria Levine and Philip Bohlman, eds. Festschrift for Bruno Nettl. New York: Scarecrow Press, in press.

“Native American Narratives of Music ‘History.” In Philip P. Bohlman, ed. Cambridge
History of World Music, Cambridge University Press. 155-185, 2014.

“Metaphor, Mood, Medium and Modelling: Indigenous Music Workshops and
Citizenship.” In Ian Russell and Catherine Ingram, eds. Taking Part in Music. 69-82, 2013.
Aboriginal Music in Contemporary Canada: Echoes and Exchanges. Co-edited with Anna Hoefnagels. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s UP, 2012. (Choice Academic Book Award).

“’Re’ Thinking: Revitalization, Return and Reconciliation in Contemporary Indigenous
Expressive Culture.” Trudeau Lectures, 2010-11. Montreal: Trudeau Foundation of
Canada.118-140, 2012.

“Recent Studies of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Music in Canada.” In Anna
Hoefnagels and Beverley Diamond, eds. Aboriginal Music in Contemporary Canada. Echoes and Exchanges. McGill-Queen’s University Press. 1-30, 2012.

“Music of Modern Indigeneity: From Identity to Alliance Studies.” In Dan Lundberg and Gunnar Ternhag, eds. Yoik. Aspects of Performing, Collecting, Interpreting. Stockholm: Skrifter Utgivna av Avenskt Visarkiv. 9-36, 2011.
“Decentring Opera: Early 21st-century Indigenous Production.” In Pamela Karantonis and Dylan Robinson, ed. Opera Indigene. Aldershott: Ashgate. 31-56, 2011.

Native American Music in Eastern North America. Global Music Series, New York: Oxford University Press, 2008.

“’Allowing the Listener to Fly as They Want to’: Sámi Perspectives on Indigenous CD
Production in Northern Europe.” The World of Music, Thematic issue on “Indigenous
Peoples, Recording Techniques, and the Recording Industry. Karl Neuenfeldt guest editor. 49/1: 23-49, 2007.

“Santu’s Song Revisited.” in Hewson, John and Beverley Diamond.”Santu’s Song.”
Newfoundland and Labrador Studies. Music issue. 22/1: 227-58, 2007.

“Local Logics and the Gendering of Music Technology: A Newfoundland Case Study.”
Canadian University Music Review. (Special Issue on Women and Music Technology,
guest edited by Andra McCartney) 26/2: 49-62, 2007.


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