Call for Papers and Presentations - Expanding Ecomusicology: Exploring Sonic Culture and Environmental Change

Call for Papers and Presentations

Expanding Ecomusicology:

Exploring Sonic Culture and Environmental Change

Join us for a one-day symposium on ecomusicology presented by the Research Centre for the Study of Music, Media and Place at Memorial University’s School of Music, September 28, 2013.

In recent years scholars and artists have responded to the discourse surrounding the contemporary crisis of environmental change and increased environmental awareness and sensitivities. Since the 1960s, academic communities have engaged in a renewed interest in the cultural impact of the environment on society. As Julie Cruikshank (2005) observes, “many disciplines are re-evaluating reciprocal relationships between humankind and the natural world, and some now identify nature as a category of social analysis as important as (and entangled with) class, race, and gender.” The responses from music, musicians, and music communities are rich and diverse. Including more activist scholarly and creative work which takes up Aaron Allen’s call to “[confront] the cultural problem underlying the environmental crisis” by “seeking to understand the people, cultures, and ethical situations that created, perpetuate, attempt to solve, and face this crisis” (Allen 2011). The burgeoning field of ecomusicology is diverse, frequently producing a collection of complementary and sometimes conflicting views concerning the intersections and associations between music and the environment.

Featuring research presentations, demonstrations, and discussion on topics including soundwalking; soundscape composition; acoustic ecology and soundscape studies; the intersections between music, place and technology; sound art; performance ecology; and the agency of the arts in environmental policy work, among others, this symposium will highlight the interconnections among research, sonic practice, and environments, and highlight the inherent diversity and interdisciplinarity of ecomusicological work. The keynote presenter is Dr. Andra McCartney, associate professor of Communications at Concordia University and an expert on soundwalking. 

We invite submissions for participation on research and creative work that engages issues of and around ecomusicology (ecocritical/ecological/environmental studies and music and/or sound studies) and considers the dynamic relationships and encounters between culture, society, music/sound/listening, and environments (“urban”/”natural”, cityscapes/landscapes, human/nonhuman content, place, and nature).

Please submit brief abstracts of approximately 250 words, required technology, and contact information to Kate Galloway, Postdoctoral Fellow, MMaP at by August 1, 2013. We will confirm participation by August 15, 2013.

Jul 3rd, 2013

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