Music-making in the Faroes: Ethnomusicology PhD Candidate publishes his first book
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Joshua Green, PhD candidate in Ethnomusicology, has just published his first book with Sprotin, a Faroese publisher that specializes in Faroese language books and books on Faroese subjects. It is called Music-making in the Faroes.

Based on three months of research in Tórshavn and around the rest of the Faroes, this book examines contemporary Faroese popular music  and focuses particularly on the experience of being a musician in the Faroes. The author also explores the relationship between aspects of the islands' musical history and more recent developments in the Faroes' music scene. Drawing on extensive interviews with prominent and up-and-coming figures in a variety of genres from country music to heavy metal, this book presents a snapshot and analysis of several areas of Faroese musical life as it existed in late 2011. 

It is currently available as a physical book on the Sprotin website.

Within the next two weeks it will also be available as an ebook.

The cost is 188kr (DKK, danish/faroese crowns: ~$35, but the shipping from the Faroes to Canada is ~$15!).


Jun 21st, 2013

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