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Photo courtesy of Bollywood Jig

Symposium on Embodiment, Gesture and Dance to celebrate the naming of the DANCE SPACE


Sunday, May 24, 2015 | 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

MMaP Gallery, 2nd floor, Arts & Culture Centre

A group of internationally renowned ethnomusicologists will join local scholars and dancers for a lively exchange about embodiment, pedagogy and movement to celebrate the naming of the Dance Space, a community dance studio that was built through a collaboration between Memorial University’s Research Centre for the Study of Music, Media and Place (MMaP) and the St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre, with financial support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Located on the 3rd floor of the St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre, the Dance Space provides a workshop, rehearsal and performance space to members of the vibrant local dance community, as well as a space for MMaP’s dance-related research and workshops.

 To celebrate the completion of this project, the MMaP Research Centre is hosting a half-day symposium on the topic of Embodiment, Gesture and Dance on Sunday, May 24, from 9-2 p.m. in the MMaP Gallery, second floor, St. John’s Arts and Culture Centre. The symposium will focus on the challenges of representing and teaching embodiment and movement in Newfoundland and around the world, and the role of improvisation in dance and other performing arts.

Admission is free. For more information, please call 864-2051.