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The MLC's TA/JI Certification Program


In the Fall 2006 Semester, the Mathematics Learning Centre (MLC) implemented a certification program for their M10XF Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Junior Instructional Teaching Assistants (JIs). The program was introduced in recognition of the varied and detailed work performed by these undergraduate student employees. The program consists of 4 levels of certification: Level I TA, Level II TA, Level III TA and JI. Certification standards are based mainly on TAs'/JIs' ability to assist in the classroom and at test centres, whether or not they have demonstrated an adequate level of responsibility and reliability, and how well they adapt to the MLC's self-study approach to teaching. The TA's/JI's job performance is evaluated at the end of every semester and if satisfactory, the TA/JI is given the specific level certificate s/he qualifies for (unless the highest attainable level has already been reached). The certificate validates that the TA/JI has met an acceptable standard of job performance and has acquired a skill set that is transferable to other areas of employment especially within the education field.

Please note that the various certification levels are applicable to our M10XF Teaching Assistants and Junior Instructional Teaching Assistants only.