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Seminars at Sobeys' Stores (November 2007)

Sobey's Seminar (November 2007)

Dr. Mantyka was delighted to have this opportunity to meet with parents who were concerned about their children’s performance in school mathematics. It was also a wonderful opportunity to give parents first-hand information about what mathematics skills are required for post-secondary courses.

The staff of the Mathematics Learning Centre displayed an assortment of study materials that had been designed to assist students in developing necessary mathematics skills. This included material for students aged 6 years to adult.

Dr. Mantyka gave presentations to address some of the following issues:

What role does working memory have in the learning of mathematics?
What is rote learning and what are its limitations?
What is automaticity and how is it different from rote learning?
What is the relationship between working memory, automaticity, and problem-solving?
What is the role of problem-solving in the learning of mathematics?
What are some common mistakes and how can they be corrected?

Many thanks to Sobeys for providing the meeting room!