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Community Outreach

Dr. Sherry Mantyka'a book The Math Plague outlines teaching/learning strategies from mathematics underachievers. This includes students in the K-12 system as reported in the following reviews of the book:

"The Math Plague…helps parents understand how math
is taught today and why kids may be struggling with it.
…the book presents new methods of teaching
and understanding math."

- Kathryn Dorrell, Canadian Living

"Our mathematics curriculum has moved away
from drills and repetition towards a much greater
emphasis on problem solving. Both sides
of the learning equation need to be emphasized."

- Times & Transcripts, Moncton, NB (Mar. 13/07)

"Sherry Mantyka, a professor at Memorial University
who has closely studied math performance, said the
government is making the wrong decision.
'This curriculum, in its design is flawed.' "

- CBC, Here and Now