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Saskatoon Public School Board

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In May 2008, two teachers from the Saskatoon Public School Board travelled to Memorial University (MUN) to attend a workshop, hosted by the Math Learning Centre (MLC). These teachers came to be trained in the learning system created by Dr. Mantyka for use at the MLC to remedy skill deficiencies of students in the foundation math program at MUN.

The intention of the workshop was to take what was learned and apply those methods to a group of under-achieving math students. The teachers from Saskatoon had a clear goal that they wanted to achieve: work with these grade 9 students in a modified program, ‘Math 9 Plus’, to prepare them for a mainstream grade 10 math class.

One of those teachers, Mr. Garry Davis contacted Dr. Mantyka one year after implementing this modified program in every high school in the Saskatoon School Board System, to thank her for her continued support and encouragement and to let her know that the Board is reporting a significant decrease in enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year ‘Modified Math 10’, a course reserved for students who came out of grade 9 with weak skills. This is seen by the Saskatoon School Board as one indication of the success of the program, ‘Math 9 Plus’, created by Mr. Davis, based on what he learned from his time spent at the MLC.

In July 2013, a teacher from a First Nations School in the Northwest Territories is coming to the MLC to do this same workshop.