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Student Testimonials

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Thank you for your assistance and support . . . . I found your encouragement and trust tremendous and those times where I wasn’t prepared to pre-test, but you helped me anyway – those times pushed me to work harder yet because I didn’t want to let you down. I know some people and students in particular question the validity of the Mathematics Learning Centre. I’m not one of them. Math 102-103 has helped me overcome an immobilizing fear of math, and if you can overcome your greatest fear then little else can stop you. Thanks for all that you’re doing here and God Bless.
- L. Shoemaker, personal communication, Dec. 2, 2003

I would like to say thank you for the positive feedback that accompanies each of my assignments and tests when they are returned to me. Math has always been very difficult to me and the positive reinforcement is greatly appreciated.
- S. Howell, personal communication, Mar. 1, 2002