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M10XF Teaching Assistant Training Program

TA Training

The first semester of employment for all potential M10XF Teaching Assistants is 80 hours of training only.

Amongst other things, the Math 10XF training involves familiarizing prospective teaching assistants with the MLC's unique pedagogy and giving them an in-depth exposure to topics which our Math 10XF students find most difficult. Trainees attend group sessions each week focusing on such things as the needs and abilities of the students, program standards and expectations, and ways of helping students overcome any difficulties or challenges they may encounter. Through presentations, group discussions, role playing, classroom observations and hands-on-activities, trainees learn how to effectively assist students and instructors in the classroom. Trainees are also given sufficient time to enhance their own math skill levels by working through the Math 10XF program, engaging them in the same learning experience as our Math 10XF students. Because of this, we encourage students who lack confidence in their own math skills to apply for employment with us. Individuals who have faced their own anxieties in this manner are great role models for our Math 10XF students.

Completion of all aspects of the Math 10XF training program can lead to level I teaching assistant certification.

Math 10XF teaching assistant trainee positions are funded through Memorial's Undergraduate Career Experience Program (MUCEP) and are advertised at the beginning of each semester (first full week of classes) under the heading of the Mathematics Learning Centre on the Centre for Career Development website. You can view the specific job description and qualifications at that time. To apply for a Math 10XF teaching assistant trainee position, please submit a resume at the Centre for Career Development office, 4th floor, University Centre, room UC 4002 within the deadline specified on their website.