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Math 10XF Courses Offered On Campus








Registration for any of the Math 10XF courses offered on campus must be done through Memorial's on-line Self-Service system.

Students registering for M10XF for the first time must register for M102F.

Course Materials

Students are expected to purchase a textbook along with its accompanying student manual and a Math 10XF course manual (second hand copies are acceptable, including earlier editions). However, students should not buy any books until after they have received their personal program. The instructor will indicate what books are required at that time.

Extra supplemental materials are also incorporated into the courses, when necessary, to enhance the learning of certain topics. These materials are provided to students free of charge.

Tutorial Assistance

All on-campus Math 10XF slots have 150 minutes of class time available each week for tutorial assistance. Students should use this time to ask questions, obtain any necessary help and work on their personal program. The instructor may also choose to use this time to do small group sessions on topics that many students experience difficulty with. Please note that tutorial assistance will not be given on test centre days.

Students should bring their personal program, textbook, student manual, course manual and any work they have completed to each class. Students' progress will be monitored and recorded every class and attendance will be taken.

Testing Procedures

Module tests are not written during class times; students are required to attend test centres to write their module tests. Test centres are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week of the semester, however, the specific times alloted on those days for writing tests can vary from semester to semester.

Students must receive permission from their instructor to write their module tests. When all work for a module is completed, including the self-test found towards the end of the student manual, the student should have his/her work checked by the instructor. If the work is satisfactory, the instructor will give the student a 'signature", i.e., sign the student's personal program, indicating that s/he has permissin to write a test. The student should then attend the next available test centre to write the test.

If the student does not pass all test sections assigned the first time s/he writes a test, the student will be given follow-up work to complete to try and remedy the errors made on the failed sections. After the follow-up work is completed, the student must have the work checked, and if satisfactory, will be given a signature to rewrite the failed sections. Once a signature is attained, the student should rewrite those sections at the next available test centre.

If the student fails one or more of these test sections again, s/he may be permitted to write a third attempt of the module test. The same conditions apply as for second attempts, except that third attempts cannot be written any earlier than week 11 of the semester and in most cases will not be written until the last week of the semester.

A time limit of 2 hours is imposed on the writing of all module tests. Students can attend whatever test centre hours are convenient for them but it is up to the student to make sure s/he has sufficient time to complete a test before the test centre ends.

Students will not be permitted to write a test if they do not have a signature. All signatures must be obtained during class times; no signatures will be given on test centre days.