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Accelerated M103F/M1051

Course Description

Accelerated M103F/M1051 is comprised of two separate math courses, M103F and M1051, done in succession, in the same semester. M103F is done in the first half of the semester and M1051 is done in the second half of the semester.

The M103F portion of Accelerated M103F/M1051 is a non-credit course that allows students to master mathematical operations such as those involving algebraic and rational expressions, formulas, graphs, systems of linear equations, basic trigonometry and number systems.

The M1051 portion of Accelerated M103F/M1051 is a credit-course covering such topics as elementary matrices, linear programming, elementary number theory, mathematical systems and geometry.


Students must have successfully completed M102F in the Fall semester previous to the semester in which they are registering for Accelerated M103F/M1051, have a recommendation from a Mathematics Learning Centre instructor, and approval from the Director of the Mathematics Learning Centre to be eligible to do Accelerated M103F/M1051. Only those students who attend classes regularly and have demonstrated that they are good independent workers will be recommended for the course.

Students who manage to complete all of M102F and some modules of M103F in the Fall semester will not have to redo the M103F modules already completed and passed. These students will only have to complete, in the M103F portion of the course, any M103F modules not attempted or finished in the previous semester.

Credit Restrictions:

  1. Students who have already received credit for six or more math credit hours numbered 2000 or above cannot register for or receive credit for Accelerated M103F/M1051.
  2. Credit cannot be obtained for both Mathematics 1051 and the former Mathematics 1151.


Accelerated M103F/M1051 is offered in the Winter semesters only. Students cannot register for Accelerated M103F/M1051 themselves. Students who have approval to do the course will be registered by the Mathematics Learning Centre.

Students admitted into Accelerated M103F/M1051 should be aware that the course carries the equivalence of two course loads. Therefore students may need to limit their registration for other courses. In fact, students who wish to register for Accelerated M103F/M1051 and 4 other courses will have to obtain approval to do so from the office of the Dean of Science.


The M103F portion of the course is delivered using a self-study approach with tutorial assistance. Students complete individualized programs based on the results of a diagnostic survey written at the beginning of the semester. (Note: some students may already have written the diagnostic survey in the previous semester and hence will not have to write it at the beginning of the semester.)

The M1051 portion of the course is delivered using lecture style. All students will follow the same program of study.

Class Schedule

Classes are held in two time slots and students meet 5 times per week for the entire semester. Classes are scheduled for 50 minutes per day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and 75 minutes per day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



  1. Essential Mathematics (textbook and student manual) by Rudolf A. Zimmer.
  2. Mathematics 102F/103F/104F Mathematics Skills Program Course Manual

  1. Mathematical Ideas by Miller, Heeran and Hornsby


For M103F, students write a total of 4 module tests (as noted earlier, some students may already have some of these tests written and passed and therefore will not have to write all 4). All sections assigned on each test must be passed to receive a pass in the course. Students will be allowed a maximum of three attempts at each module test they write.

For M1051, students are expected to complete and hand-in weekly assignments which will comprise part of the term mark. The course will also have 2 midterm examinations and a final exam.

Individual Course Completion Deadlines

Students must complete the M103F portion of the course by the start of the midtem break. After the break, students begin the M1051 portion of the course which will continue to the end of the semester.

Any student who does not complete M103F in the allotted time frame will not be permitted to register for the M1051 portion of the course. The student will be allowed to continue however and hopefully finish M103F in one of the regular time slots. The student would then have 3 classes per week instead of 5 for the remainder of the semester.