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Math 1090 (Via Distance Education) - Algebra and Trigonometry

Course Overview

Course Components

1 Textbook and accompanying Student Manual
1 Course Manual (available on-line through the D2L (Desire 2 Learn) system during the semester)


Required Textbooks

Zimmer, Rudolf. Sets, Relations and Functions, BC Publishing Company.

Zimmer, Rudolf. Solution Manual for Sets, Relations and Functions, BC Publishing Company.



Continuous evaluation using criterion-referenced module tests. There are no midterm tests and there is no final examination.

Instructor Assistance

Individual help is available by telephone during office hours. You may also contact your instructors via telephone, fax, or e-mail.

Instructors: Ms. Theresa Ricketts Email:
Mrs. Sheila Penton Email:

Telephone: 709-864-3308 or 864-3729

Fax: 709-864-2351

Email: (Mathematics Learning Centre)


Method of Evaluation: Continuous Assessment

Students’ final grades are based upon the results of criterion-referenced tests dealing with the specified set of learning modules indicated in their course outline. Since this course is organized on a self-instructional basis, it is possible to complete the course requirements before the end of the semester if a student so chooses. However, all work must be completed and all tests must be passed no later than the last day of the semester. Any student who has not completed the course and passed all assigned tests by the end of the semester will receive a failing grade. It is extremely important to organize your time carefully to ensure that you meet the end of term deadline. Because there is continuous assessment there are no midterm tests and there is no final examination.



When study of the assigned units of a module is complete, you should contact the test invigilator in your area and let him/her know that you wish to write a test at the next available Test Centre.

There will be one three-hour testing period available to you each week. When you write a test, please indicate the date in the space provided on the cover.

No notes, texts, purses, pencil cases, cell phones, etc., are allowed on the desk when writing any test. All such material should be placed on the floor under the desk. (Make sure cell phones are turned off.)

All work can be done on the test paper and rough work can be done on the blank pages of the test. Should you use extra paper for your calculations, be sure to pass it in with your test.

There is to be no talking, exchanging of notes, etc., in the test room.

NOTE: Students will not receive credit for Math 1090 if they have previously received credit or are currently registered for Math 1000, Math 1001, Math 1080 or Math 1081.


Course Changes

Any dropping of this section must be done through the telephone registration system.


Course Materials

Our curriculum materials include a self-study textbook: Sets, Relations and Functions by Rudolf Zimmer; and the solution manual for the textbook, as well as, a Math 1090 Course Manual. Specific instructions on how to use these self-study materials to the best advantage are included in this manual. We recommend that you do all your written work for this course in notebooks and not on looseleaf. Using notebooks will force you to be more organized about what you are doing, and being organized is an essential part of doing mathematics successfully. We also recommend that you use pencils instead of pens. Everyone makes lots of mistakes when doing mathematical problems and your work will be neater if you can erase them.