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Our Mandate

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The MLC is currently administratively responsible to the Dean of Science and academically responsible to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Its mandate is:

  1. To identify and document problems associated with making a "smooth transition" from school mathematics (K-12) to post-secondary mathematics, and to design remedies to address these problems.
  2. To develop and test different strategies for more effective learning of mathematics at K-12 levels.
  3. To provide a liaison between the University and Community groups in addressing issues related to mathematics education; in particular, to develop specialized programs to meet special group needs in preparing for higher level mathematics.
  4. To offer academic bridging programs to address any of the issues identified in the first three items above.
  5. To provide mathematics skills assessment services and follow-up mathematics "counselling" to university students and to non-university students who are anticipating post-secondary level mathematics in their degree or training plans.