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Student Success Rates

Internal Success Data

We also looked at the types of degrees awarded to students enrolled in the foundation math program. Data was selected from the 2000-01 to 2002-03 academic years to allow students sufficient time (6-9 years) to complete their degrees. The sample included Newfoundland students only; it did not include non-Newfoundland or International students.

From September 2000 to April 2003, 496 Newfoundland students completed Math 103F and/or Math 104F. Of this group, 281 (56.7%) graduated from Memorial with a combined total of 383 degrees, diplomas and/or certificates. The table on page 19 lists the degrees, diplomas or certificates obtained.

As is evident from the previous graphs and next table, the MLC continues to be highly effective in helping academically disadvantaged students overcome their math skills deficiencies to successfully complete university degrees.

(Source: Internal Mathematics Learning Centre Data)